TSA Debate: Exclusives sits down for a grown-up discussion with an Xbox owner about the exclusives that each console has and which platform is faring better in terms of the first and third party exclusives.

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GiantEnemyCrab3093d ago

"Peter: I recently bought an Xbox 360 and in the 10-14 months I have before it overheats and melts I’d like to sample the exclusive content."

I stopped reading right there.

Fishy Fingers3093d ago

Then you missed a rather sensible debate because a simple joke upset you.

El_Colombiano3093d ago

Hiding from the truth doesn't mean its not there crabby! And you should be happy, he was being wishful and was hoping for at least more than a year!

GiantEnemyCrab3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

El_Colo: Hiding from the truth?? What truth? Yes, I just can't wait for the truth from the mouth of a fvckin droid.

Sensible debate?? LOL Right. Fishy we all know where you stand so of course this would be a sensible debate for you. This article is riddled with that sh*t.

"We can discuss upcoming exclusives later, if the Xbox has any planned…"

"Much has been made of Microsoft’s policy of throwing money at the exclusivity issue, primarily around DLC – which doesn’t seem to be working if you believe the sales figures."

This article was basically %100 rub Sony balls and question every approach, angle and game the 360 is invovled with.

Not a single mention of Dead Rising or Crackdown. It was all Halo and Gears, at least he mentioned Fable.

Kleptic3093d ago was a simple dig...its a PS3 fan site in which one editor purchased a 360...and had a conversation with a long time 360 owner...the rest of the article was pretty positive towards both systems...they realistically point out that sony clearly understands this industry and how to make long term investments...where MS is seemingly trying to attract an impulse crowd; of which so far they have not successfully achieved...

tdrules3093d ago

TSA are some of the best online journalists around, beat it

Insomnia_843093d ago

what's wrong with telling the truth?? o_0
Things break!!! :P

PS3ALLDAY1223093d ago

HAHAHAHA you reported as flamebait hahahaaha

Man_of_the_year3093d ago

Can someone please prove to me that there was actually a "new 360 owner" in this article. I see a script where the so called "great journalist" takes cheap shots at MS. So i am to believe that a website with the domain name "the sixth axis" is to be an unbiased site.

COME ON!!! Thats like a site with the domain name xLive360 doing an interview with a consumer that just bought a PS3 and taking cheap shots at Sony. That wouldn't be accepted as news so why is this?

There is no proof in this article that there was a discussion with a new 360 console owner. Anyone that accepts this article as truth and news has got to be a high school drop out.

Kleptic3092d ago

Crab, dont' be so sensitive about it...

"We can discuss upcoming exclusives later, if the Xbox has any planned…"

"Much has been made of Microsoft’s policy of throwing money at the exclusivity issue, primarily around DLC – which doesn’t seem to be working if you believe the sales figures."

you bring that up as if that is some sort of spin in favor of the PS3...when in fact its simply the crystal clear truth...thats the point, and why the article actually stands on its own legs...

or are you hiding something?...Has MS addressed the fact that next to nothing exclusive has been announced for the 360's future right now?...of course some stuff will show up, but there is absolutely no denying that this is out of character for MS...wasn't the 360 the 'now' console, where everything is always coming nearly immediately? what is coming this summer?...this fall?...early next year? far...nothing...and all this article did was pointed that definitely had some slam to it, but it doesn't change the fact that right now it holds true...

same goes for the DLC thing...are you saying that $50 million on GTAIV DLC was worth it?...Rockstar JUST stated that the game was nearly 50/50 on both platforms, and so far...MS has barely put a dent in that $50 million investment with DLC purchases (which still remain unconfirmed)...again...all this article did was brought up whats all over the wall already...don't get upset if it hits a little closer to home than you would prefer...

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ultimolu3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )


That's all I have to say.

I'll approve it just to spite people.

I just said lol and four disagrees showed up already.

This site gets more and more ridiculous by the day.

Good going people, good going!

jwatt3093d ago

If you didn't like the artical you can watch this video, it's more entertaining.

ultimolu3093d ago

I didn't hate it.

It was pretty funny.

Insomnia_843093d ago

This is how the systems should be compared, with exclusives!!
I want a graphics/story/technical comparison between PS3 and 360 exclusives. NOT MULTIPLATFORMS!!

Can someone please give me that?

II Necroplasm II3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )


I have had that in my favorites for a few months now. I'm guessing that video is urs by the username? That video was very well put together.

Very awesome!

Edit: Guess the disagreer has videos that doesn't get hits, poor thing.

ShabzS3093d ago

you made that movie?.. i saw that thing a long time ago... its very well done... loved it

Slime3093d ago

Halo 3 > Resistance 2
Gears of War 2 > Killzone 2
Mass Effect > Valkyrie Chronicles
Banjo Kazooie N&B > Little Big Planet

I could go on all day, instead i'll say this as simply as I can.

"The 360 has better games than the PS3"

50CALheadshot3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

360 just got s#itted on

slpknt6sic63093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

@ Slime - dude you are soooo wrong its not even funny.
"halo > resistance" how resistance is twice the game halo is (online).
"Gears of War 2 > Killzone 2" killzone 2 lighting system alone destroys gears dont even get me started on physics. better yet dont make me get nathan drake to own gears.
"Mass Effect > Valkyrie Chronicles" two differnt games both good i have both and Valkyrie Chronicles is under rated.
"Banjo Kazooie N&B > Little Big Planet" wow just wow dude lbp and banjo are 2 way differnt games and once again ill top banjo with ratchet and clank that 2007 game puts your 2008 game to shame.
hell ill kill you allitle more how about.
GT5 vs FORZA : all i have to say is grand turismo and you should hide
heavy rain owns alan wake
infamous vs hmmm lets see thats right you have nothing
mgs4 vs .... yeah i thought so... dont fu*k with the ps3 cause it will put you to shame!!!

Edit: yes i favor the ps3 over 360
no i am no fanboy look me up on xbl: slpknt1
the problem is the ps3 is that much better to the point where i cant help but get mad at people soooo damn blinded by fanboyism.
the ps3 is better, now get over it please.

edit#2: well i have disagrees but no agrees. ok can someone care to explain how i'm wrong? the ps3 is the better system.

cyrus2283093d ago

LOL!!!!!! banjo better than lbp? LOL!!!!!, gears better than Killzone i think not, its just more popular, im pretty sure more people play KZ2 than gears 2 since more people play gears 1 still.

valkyria chronicles vs mass effect? wtf kinda comparison is that? thats completley stupid, they r both great games and so very different, thats like mario vs ninja gaiden u moron.

that and ur list was basically complete u just left out fable 2, and maaaaaaaybe left for dead. shall i consider that every so called exclusive u guys had the ps3 got better?

bioshock, eternal sontata, ninja gaiden sigma 2, soon star ocean etc etc.

u probly never even played any of the ps3 titles u mentioned have u? lol see atleast i have all 3 consoles so i can judge, i only agreed with halo 3 being funner than resistance. otherwise u have no idea wat ur talkin bout

SnuggleBandit3093d ago

anyone else starting to get extremely annoyed by the free nintendo wii ad???

WildArmed3093d ago

Too bad Kratos would kill everybody :/
(if it was an all out war..)
Only Kratos would be left standing..
omg.. Kratos is a badass XD

jwatt3093d ago

Thanks man, yea all the characters are great but Kratos is the most badass of them all.

Immortal Kaim3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

People actually enjoyed that article? It certainly wasn't subtle...Whatever floats your boat I guess...

SaiyanFury3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )


You're saying that Mass Effect is better than Valkyria Chronicles? No doubt Mass Effect is great, but VC has been renowned around the web as a fantastic game with great style. Virtually every facet merits nearly a 10 in every review. The gameplay alone is complete slickness and nearly every review scores it a near 10. This time around, VC has consistently produced 9.5-10/10. It has a style all it's own and is Japanese. No other Japanese-style RPG can claim the same this time around. VC has it's own Japanese identity and claims great scores everywhere it's seen. No doubt Mass Effect is good, but I think VC edges it out in terms of gameplay, story, beautiful watercolour graphics and sound. Not to mention VC has a DTS 5.1 audio track.

Gears of War 2 is better than Resistance 2? The two games aren't even in the same genre. A lot of people would put Gears of War against Uncharted which has a lot more in common.

You compare Banjo Kazooie to LittleBigPlanet? Banjo Kazooie appeals to the younger 360 owners for the most part, whereas LBP appeals to all gamers on most levels. I have no doubt that BK is a decent game, but comparing scores, LBP garners an average of at least 9.0 around the web on many sites. I looked up several scores for BK, and it averaged maybe 8.2. Not to mention that LBP is lovable to most gamers. BK mostly appeals to younger 360 gamers, save a few older ones.

The one RPG exclusive besides Valkyria Chronicles that really stands out is Demon's Souls. The game is selling out at many vendors around the web simply because it's that good. I got my game off eBay UK as that was the only source I could get it the day the Asian version released. Now, even 2-3 months later it's STILL selling out at vendors everywhere. So many people like me who have played it cannot recommend it enough as a true hardcore RPG. The 360 has nothing to match Demon's Souls in my own opinion. And the fact that Sony published it means it's not coming to the 360.

AAACE53092d ago

Only a select few well known names are worth getting upset about. The big names are all that matters.

Last year, 360 had Too Human, Infinite Undiscovery and a couple other lesser known games as exclusives, but all anyone cared about was Gears 2, Fable 2 and L4D!

Last year, Ps3 had LBP and a few other lesser known games as exclusives, but they never gained the popularity of MGS 4, Resistance 2 and the now popular Killzone 2.

Do you see a pattern here?

Seems like no matter how many exclusives you have, only a select few will actually sell good. If you look at the facts, most people buy the multiplat games more than exclusives!

I will say though, that at this point, I think Ps3 will sell more exclusives this year. Because they have some interesting material that could get alot of attention. I don't think the 360 is in the bad condition alot of fanboys would like to believe, so we'll wait until E3 to find out the truth.

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ape0073093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

ps3 offer amazing exclusive games

different games

different geners

all amazing,you get a ps3,you'll not be disappointed with anything

quality and quantity

xbox360:gears 2 is just amazing,halo 3 has very good online and soulles campaign,few moments here and there,im really looking forward to alan wake,come on ms show this damn game at e3,I want to be blown away and conviction,splitercell chaos theory was one of the best games I've ever played,so conviction is in my top 5 wanted game in this gen

oh looks at the disagrees,hey fanboys,do u take this serisoly?

ultimolu3093d ago

The force is strong with the disagreers.

ShabzS3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

its not even flaimbaiting .. its just ... pointless...

its like two old guy sitting on the porch having a beer and talking about video games... and niether of em is funny

WildArmed3093d ago

fanboys need some1 or somthing to hate/disagree on. it makes them feel aweesome

DrRobotnik3093d ago

This article ,after you read through it, was probably meant for good intention. But when you scroll the page up, and see "PS3 vs XBOX360", it instantly turns itself into a flame bait article. Half the people wont even read the article before commenting. An instant Fail just because of the title for me.

Hiruma Youchi3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

2nd: Is this even news?
3rd: Crap

edit: In case yall Wondering.

I disagreed with DrRobotnik , Ultomolu and Ape Once Each.

Fishy Fingers3093d ago

1. Flame bait only works on fanboys in my experience.
2. No, hence "article".
3. Your opinion is as valid as anyother, but the article breaks no submission rules.

FlameBaitGod3093d ago

Did u even read the article ? its nothing of flame bait, if u get hurt its prolly cus u own just 1 system.

WildArmed3093d ago

w/o even reading it.

Its not a flame bait articles.. its jsut a conversation between 2 ppl