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Submitted by mjolliffe 2470d ago | news

EA Working on "Best FPS Ever"

EA also said "The Art Director will ultimately lead a team of conceptual designers, character and environment artists and whomever else will bend to their will, to create the coolest piece of entertainment software the world has ever known." (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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slave2Dcontroller  +   2470d ago
are they making, KILLZONE3? I kid I kid!!
MAR-TYR-DOM  +   2470d ago
nice try,
though with the money EA has and the number of dev teams working for them, you can count me in the hype train. I truly hope they create something spectacular. I mean if they can reproduce something along the lines of what infinity ward did with Call of Duty 4 then it will be a success.
Blaze929  +   2470d ago
Black 2
El_Colombiano  +   2470d ago
OMG he is right! Black 2!
BattleAxe  +   2470d ago
I really hope that they make a spectacular Medal of Honor game. Rising Sun, Vangard and European Assault were not that good, but I really liked MoH: Airborne.

Black 2 would be kick ass aswell.
UnSelf  +   2470d ago
if it isnt a PS3 exclusive or a PC exclusive or announced for the Xbox 720, then i dont believe it
Ju  +   2470d ago
Damn you guys. To fast for me. Black 2 was on my mind as well.
edgeofblade  +   2470d ago
Bestest FPS Evar?

...failure confirmed.
chrisnick  +   2470d ago gonna get disagrees for this but...
im getting tired of playing soooo many fps...granted the majority of them, especially kz2 and cod4, are freaking awesome its just sooo many of them, all the time, in my face and when i get bored of one, what other AAA can i play? Another FPS! AHHHHHH!!! anyway, its my own problem sigh.......i need some infamous/drake/ ratchet in my life.
chrisnick  +   2470d ago
yo edge...
stfu and go pwn in too human...trolls will be trolls.
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jammy_70  +   2470d ago
bet its a FPS
where you cook dinner and do the washing up

then go to dances.... and stufff, thats like the ultimate game

NO GUNS ALLOWED, only golf clubs and cricket bats for the space monkeys...
DARK WITNESS  +   2470d ago
back in the day i would have said this is bull crap ! EA + best game ever = lolololololol... ya right !

BUT, and its a big " BUT "... This is the same EA that gave us Dead Space and i have to say that was my favourite game last year. I loved everything about it. So with that in mind, i know EA has always had the money to make such games, but now they seem to also have the direction. another case in point, the new Need for Speed.

so, i will throw a lot of table salt at this, but its not impossible.
Don_Frappucino  +   2470d ago
They seem to have come a long way from the games of old. No longer can we say 'Fifa 95 or 2005, they're both the same but with new players don't you know', or 'EA? Isnt that the company that makes sport games and Medal Of Honour?' They've poured millions into R&D of new IP's and existing ones. They and actibizzle seem to have swapped sides, with actibizzle publishing either sequels or crap and EA actually creating brilliant original games or concepts.

On topic: I hope its not a WW2 MOH. I did hear a while back they were possibly working on a MOH in Afganistan or somewhere else in the middle east, but it was all rumours. Black 2 FTW!

EDIT: Can anyone think of any last gen FPS better than Black or WW2 FPS last gen better than MOH:Frontline.

Oh and if anyone wants to put halo please do this first.

1. Grab a pencil
2. Put it between your ring finger and middle finger of your hand.
3. Squeeze your fingers that around the pencil really hard.

Really hurts doesn't it? Thats for being a HaloTard and thinking it was a better FPS than black.

(Yes i robbed that one off Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation fame before anyone shouts at me)
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silenius  +   2470d ago
Please... stop... don't make me laugh. EA is making the best fps... ooooookaaaay....
I bet my balls it will have ONLY great graphics, Everything else will s*ck...
ZuperAmazingCooKie  +   2470d ago
Well, they made Crysis
That gives them some cred in my book.
pain777pas  +   2470d ago
Do we need another FPS? Wow! How original.........
evrfighter  +   2470d ago
they didn't make crysis, crytek made crysis. EA published crysis. But EA making the best fps ever....

Grain of Salt. People reading this should know off hand what happens when you over-hype a game here.

This is EA. You can expect to paying for DLC at least once a month after this game is released.

Unless they are finally making their DICE dev's start work on Battlefield 3 then i'll give em the benefit of the doubt ONLY if remains a pc exclusive. But like I said this is EA we're talking about. I get the feeling battlefield games will from here on in, be hardware limited by consoles...
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XxZxX  +   2470d ago
they should name it Best FPS ever. Even if it's not, The name will say otherwise. Can't argue with the name.
Sitdown  +   2470d ago
"Oh and if anyone wants to put halo please do this first.

1. Grab a pencil
2. Put it between your ring finger and middle finger of your hand.
3. Squeeze your fingers that around the pencil really hard.

Really hurts doesn't it? Thats for being a HaloTard and thinking it was a better FPS than black. "

Hmmmm, Halo was a launch title (Nov. 15, 2001), Halo 2 came out Nov. 9, 2004, and Black released Feb. 22, 2006. But somehow Halo has garnered more accolades....just maybe, gamers want a title with more than "only a half-dozen hours long and no multiplayer". I am not saying one is better than the other, just pointing out what seems to be facts.

Hahaha...I like that.
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No Way  +   2470d ago
@chrisnick -
What's wrong with Too Human? =(
If there wasn't so much hype behind it, it would be a decent game.. =/
I liked it, just like some people liked Haze.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   2470d ago
I'm with you guys
Criterion is just done with Burnout.

From launch 'till today Criterion made tons of free upgrades, a perfected/bug-free game, good quality paid DLC (not to mention well times too, they supported the game original and additional content for about a year before starting milking us).

Just imagine how great this will be if EA give them the same freedom they give for Burnout, they'll launch a complete Black 2 that is practically free of bugs which they'll patch/update regularly, they'll stuff us with free updates (actually good business, this IS a selling point for informed customers) and only make paid-DLC some time after, with the right price and good quality.

Damn, they maybe even launch it on PSN, to people that prefer to take their games without leaving the counch and don't make a plastic and dust collection in the shelf (I actually love this kind of collection! LOL).
RememberThe357  +   2470d ago
Wait, you would seriously bet your balls?

I wouldn't bet my ball on a damn thing. Stranger things have happened.
GameGambits  +   2470d ago
If Redwood Shores' studio for EA made it then I'd believe it. Dead Space is near perfect in its genre of survival horror so much so that if they branch out into any genre I expect stellar results.

The rest of EA? Not a chance in hell. I mean did you see that new Army of Two trailer where they say everything is in game footage in it? How would ANYONE think that is pre rendered, because it looks like straight up PS2 graphics. Years later from Army of Two and I don't see squat in real improvements in graphics, yet that piece of trash will go on to sell fine thanks to EA throwing money at it for ads and idiots buying it.
The Matrix  +   2470d ago
It's obviously Black 2. Criterion will probably make it as well...since I haven't heard about any new burnouts.
Shepherd 214  +   2470d ago
@Don Frappucino
you sir are wrong. Halo 2 destroyed Black in every way. Black looked pretty, but it was stupid. Almost every enemy had explosive barrels around them so you could shoot, and it was too easy and after fifty thousand explosions it was wearing really thin. Black was nothing but dumb fun for one playthrough, while Halo 2 revolutionized console shooters with its new online matchmaking and well-rounded value.

You dont believe me? COD4 and Gears 2 both took the online matchmaking that Bungie designed for Halo 2 and used it, building on what Halo 2 had created. Its a major reason why COD4 works so well online, because it uses a system heavily inspired by Halo 2.
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thesummerofgeorge  +   2470d ago
I'd be a lot more excited if the title read "Best RPG Ever" instead...
As much as I love FPS' the market is getting a little saturated... I miss RPG's!!! I feel like the industry's decided people don't want em anymore, but we do. The possibilities for RPGs with next gen tech could be so amazing, if only there were still a few companies tryin to out-RPG each other rather than tryin to out-FPS each other... Hell there's room for both. I guess I'm a little off topic but I'm an RPG fanatic and quite honestly this generation has abandoned RPG fans, thus far.
Nikuma  +   2469d ago
LOL at the halo fanboy. Halo 2 is better cause it has good matchmaking YEAH!
Don_Frappucino  +   2469d ago
Oh Dear
Not another Halo 2 was da best FPS evah guy. Whilst bungie helped online gaming it didn't improve it to the degree where every game ever is now built on Halo2. Halo 2 was the worst in the series.
MaximusPrime  +   2470d ago
oh really?
Fishy Fingers  +   2470d ago
No, not really. The quote is.. "the best project we've ever worked on." and it's an FPS.

Generally, when you quote something you dont change it. Tip for the author there.
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hdesroses   2470d ago | Spam
devilsoultaker1   2470d ago | Spam
Aclay  +   2470d ago
Hey EA, I'm still waiting on BLACK 2 :)

I'm not too familiar with EA Los Angles, but if there's a FPS game EA should develop, it's BLACK 2. Maybe EA Los Angles could to another BLACK, but I'd prefer the original devs. Criterion do it.
BRACHATTACK  +   2470d ago
Hell yeah!!

Black 2 FTW
darkzodiac55  +   2470d ago
going to be black 2 or Black nextgen (working title)
joydestroy  +   2470d ago
yeah, Black 2 would be awesome
mastiffchild  +   2470d ago
Is it that time of year again? Y'know when we all moan about there being no current gen Black to make our ears bleed?

Big fan myself and the amnitions of the first game fit so well with current systems abilities that I'm very surprised it hasn't ever happened. There's been a couple of Black sequel demands this week.
Ju  +   2470d ago
Black was Criterion, AFAIR, you know, those Burnout guys...;)
redsquad  +   2470d ago
Seeing as how the story was open ended, I'm surprised we haven't seen some new version of BLACK this gen. The first was an excellent game that I still play on my PS3, so I really like to see some news on a sequal.
But, it would need to be longer (and they really need to add more save points to those bigger levels too!)
CoxMulder  +   2470d ago
Wasn't there an article claiming
that the people behind Black (Criterion?) teamed up with the guys from Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (Splash Damage?) and some other developers to create a new FPS?

I seem to recall such a thing..


Found the article I was referring to:

No mention of a FPS in the article though, and it's only the technical director of Black.

But still, these people might be working on something big..
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dylantalon   2470d ago | Spam
ultimolu  +   2470d ago
Alright, let's see what they got.
Ninjamonkey  +   2470d ago

Oh EA, youve made some dam good games, but best? That doesnt suit you really =P

Im not going aboard the hype train. If they do it, congrats, but best ever? Its so subjective its impossible to make the best of anything...
HDgamer  +   2470d ago
Black 2 would be good but yeah I think FPS's are getting boring if they don't deliver well. But hey they can do it.
Ju  +   2470d ago
Black is EA's only franchise, which could go against CoD and such, IMO. Unless BF:BC2 could be counted in. And Army of Two ? No way...other then that, maybe something completely new ?
TheMART  +   2470d ago
As Gordon Ramsey would say:

Fack me!
PeptoBismol  +   2470d ago
as we would say:

the FART
TheMART  +   2470d ago
As I would say:

PS3 fantard - part of the SDF! They all smell the same. Like smelly fish
silverchode  +   2470d ago
As I would say:

LeGenDx  +   2470d ago
ruh roh, this should be good =)
Pennywise  +   2470d ago
FPS have flooded the market. I personally love the genre, but I dont want to see the influx cause a decline in demand.
Kratos_1986  +   2470d ago
___++++++++^^^^^^^ battlefield 3 ^^^^^^++++++____

come on EA bring it on !!!
thematrix1298  +   2470d ago
how about a FPS with porn stars?
Fishy Fingers  +   2470d ago
Would bring a whole new meaning to the term, "head shot".
redsquad  +   2470d ago
Nah, it would have to be a TPS so we could see all the 'jiggles'.
slpknt6sic6  +   2470d ago
lmao fishy you've done it again bubbles.
NotSoSilentBob  +   2470d ago
Just like next year they will be working on the "Best FPS Ever" + the ability to play online, Only costs $60 for the game and 2.00$ for each time you play.
ape007  +   2470d ago

one of the best games last gen
creeping judas  +   2470d ago
You know the old saying, "another mans garbage is another mans treasure"
Some may think the new EA game is the best and some will hate it.
With games being so personally subjective, it's a hard to claim to have the "best game ever" title.

For me, I hope it's a good game!!!
Grown Folks Talk  +   2470d ago
Knowing EA, i'm sure it will be innovative.
Probably have an aiming reticle, be able to reload your weapon, & swap guns with defeated enemies.
GFahim  +   2470d ago
this has gotta be a wii exclusive
because one of the main features of a 'great fps' is the wii controls. but obviously the graphics will be lower but in the end:

gameplay > graphics!
Minute Man 721  +   2470d ago
last best FPS was the Medal of Honor series on the PSX
BYE  +   2470d ago
I would even say that was the last best FPS in general.
LorD  +   2470d ago
"EA will make us their b1tch"

(Daikatana anybody??)
Snatcher  +   2470d ago
Another MINDLESS shooter we need :D Yippi, what about making a adventure game where you need to solve puzzles? That's something for ya. Monkey Island is a prime example. You need to use your brain.
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2470d ago
EA??? FPS???
'FPS' must mean 'FIFA POWER SOCCER'!!! ;-D

+ It can only be better than 'KILLZONE 2' if it was PS3;)ONLY!!! ;)
I can't see it myself really. Will anything beat 'KillZone 2' in looks??? I'm getting bored of waiting for these other Console companies to show me something better looking than 'KillZone 2'...
I KNOW the 'ChatBox 360' won't beat 'KillZone 2' on looks or the er erm the 'Wii'!!! ;-D
Oh well...back to KZ2(or FIFA09!!!) ;)
#23 (Edited 2470d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ELite_Ghost  +   2470d ago
maybe its for wii, best fps for wii
Don_Frappucino  +   2470d ago
Yes because we all judge games on graphical capability.

Anyway as long as it looks good and has better gameplay than KZ it will be the best FPS ever. Don't get me wrong, KZ2 had, IMO, the best FPS gameplay this gen and last gen and the gen before that etc etc. I personally would have prefered a modern setting, but horses for courses and all that. KZ2 is the FPS to beat though.

And remember. EA made two of the, if the best two best FPS games last gen. (Black and MOH:Frontline - Highpoint if the MOH series)
#23.2 (Edited 2470d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Deadman64  +   2470d ago
You said it best Sir Ken. Killzone is only the best in the 'looks' category and ermm.... well no other category? I guess PS3 owners need a really pretty game to justify their $600 system...
KILL-ALL-CURE  +   2470d ago
aaaaaand halo 3 has good gameplay
Shoot at target
Run at target
Someone ends up dead
Throw Grenades
Deadman64  +   2470d ago
So if they gameplay is so lame then why do millions upon millions of people still play Halo 1,2,3?
cronaldo7  +   2470d ago
EA sucks
BYE  +   2470d ago
They used to but not anymore. I think they take the right direction with games like Dead Space and Mirror's Edge.
xabmol  +   2470d ago
After years of Madden
and generic game 101 they have lost a lot of respect.

But after ME & DS they got my attention again!
#24.2 (Edited 2470d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
360Hater  +   2470d ago
Frigin FPS
BYE  +   2470d ago
Best game ever of the worst genre ever doesn't mean that much.
Guitardr85  +   2470d ago
oh yeah?!?!
Well I just ate a chili burger and I'm working on the "best poop ever". Pretty egotistical if I do say so myself!!
JayX666  +   2470d ago
I cant decide whether to give you bubbles or take away them after i sprayed drink all over my laptop from that random but funny post. Hmm... your lucky day, you get one.
jmare  +   2470d ago
That's one hell of a hyperbole. Of course, what do people think he's going to say, "This game is bullshit. Don't buy it ever. You will never get laid if you play this game it's that horrible. We're going to kill ourselves because the game is complete horseshit."?

That isn't going to happen.
manwich25  +   2470d ago
It's gotta be Black 2
SRuN4  +   2470d ago
Black 2 or Battlefield 3, or maybe DICE is making a new IP?
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