Freaky Creatures Expansion Announced

Abandon Interactive has announced the first expansion for its MMO Freaky Creatures.

'Freaky Space' adds more PvE content, new environments, factions and battles. Players can use spaceships to leave their planets and explore space. This expansion will almost double the size of the Freaky Creatures universe.

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Dorjan3507d ago

Double you say? It must've been small before! :P

Leord3507d ago

Why must it have been small? You know the current size?

Medievaldragon3507d ago

Looks like an interesting game to play around with.

Leord3507d ago

That's some very freaky creatures :)

Cogo3507d ago

This makes me think of Spore more, and how it could have been a completely revolutionising game.

AndyA3507d ago

It's a shame Spore became more famous for its DRM catastrophe than the gameplay.

Redrudy3507d ago

That's what I was thinking, although this is an MMO too.

Maticus3507d ago

The game has only been out a few days hasn't it? That's quick...