Plants Vs. Zombies Review by Gamer Limit

The embargo has finally ended here at 6AM PST, and the Plants vs. Zombies reviews can now come pouring out.

Gamer Limit writes: "Plants vs. Zombies took the world by storm not too long ago with this magical little music video. It didn't tell you anything about the content of the game, but it showed you its quirky, stylized characters.

Despite its charming viral campaign, does the world need another tower defense?"

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Fullish3148d ago

Great game if you are into tower defense.

chrisjc3148d ago

It's a must buy if you enjoy TD, really.

syvergy3148d ago

So much tower defence! Will definately take a look though.

iseven3148d ago

someone needs to make a TD game for Xbox360 and make it multiplayer. I remember back in WC3 days there were custom maps of TD multiplayer. Bring that same idea back to HD!

Ziriux3148d ago

Seems like a fun little game. Good job on the review mate.

rawrockkillz3148d ago

Curse you Popcap games for making another addicting game! Curse you!

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The story is too old to be commented.