Top Ten Hottest PC Games for 2010

Gameplayer Writes:
We know exactly what you're thinking. It's not even halfway through 2009 and we're already telling you gaming folk what to look forward to in 2010. You may think it's crazy, but you don't have to delve too far into our Hottest 60 Games of 2009 article to realise that a fair chunk of those titles have already been released. While we still may yet have some quality titles yet to see the light of gaming day later this year, that shouldn't (and won't) stop us from having a look into the crystal ball and seeing what we have on offer in 2010.

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SlappingOysters3306d ago

Surely we are in a golden age of gaming!!

2007 ripped, 2008 even better, 2009 is looking good and 2010 is looking fresh as well. Bring it oN!

NachosWithCheese3305d ago

Hell yes! Bring on more RTS goodness before the year is through!