Australian Sales Charts

The sales charts for week ending March 24 have been published by GfK. The list is filled with Playstation 3 games, but Final Fantasy XII and The Sims 2: Seasons still sell well and are placed at the top ten.

Top 10:
1. Resistence: Fall of Man (Playstation 3)
2. Motorstorm (Playstation 3)
3. Formula One Champ Edition (Playstation 3)
4. Call of Duty 3 (Playstation 3)
5. Final Fantasy XII (Playstation 2)
6. Need for Speed: Carbon (Playstation 3)
7. Ridge Racer 7 (Playstation 3)
8. Fight Night Round 3 (Playstation 3)
9. The Sims 2: Seasons (PC/Mac)
10. Virtua Fighter 5 (Playstation 3)

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techie3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Good for them. Surprised to see formula one up there.

Torch3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

I mean, it's a gorgeous, ground-breaking game(?), but I'm spent after the first three laps.

Forget about Formula 1; I can't imagine how those Nascar enthusiasts manage to maintain consciousness: "Go Left! left, left!....ok, now go left!" ;)

SuperSaiyan43683d ago

And when those games came out on the a year ago they too were in the top 10.

quiddd3683d ago

1,2,3 wasn't

live in the now

Bathyj3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

20 million Australians dont have a 360 so a good game is a good game.

Really amazing to see so many Ps3 games in the charts already against consoles with bigger user bases.

macsto3683d ago

awaiting the elite maybe? lol idiots

Violater3683d ago

People were waiting on the PS3 to buy some of those titles, I think you shot yourself in the foot there buddy.