IGN review of X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Wii)

Greg Miller writes for IGN:

"The thing about this game is that the hero could be anyone. Nothing about Wolverine's powers or abilities make him feel like the Wolverine you know and love. Sure, he has claws, but they're not doing anything special because his bare fists could do the same amount of damage. In the end, this is a run of the mill superhero title with plenty of foibles (i.e. clipping through objects) and flaws (i.e. poor framerate and the lack of music). It's not broken -- just boring and unimaginative.

There's no need to run out and pick this one up."

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rbluetank3393d ago

I do not care about poor framerate and the lack of music or unimaginative level designs. how is the gameplay..? do i waggle left or right with the wii remote and press the B button to use the special claw attack... lol

SinnedNogara3393d ago

The reason it apparently sucks (I saw another review that gave it a 7/10) is because Raven didn't develop it, or didn't polish it. Amaze usually makes Wii ports, and they are of much lower quality. It is not the Wii itself. If it was the console, every game on most consoles (not all consoles, except the Jaguar and 3DO) would have nothing but good games (this isn't so, unless you think Clive Barker's Jericho is a GOTY).

Another reason it could be of low quality is that it isn't as violent as the PS3/360 version, even though M-rated games have sold very well on Wii (Resident Evil 4, Call of Duty: WaW). I want to play the Uncaged Edition with motions!!!!

s8anicslayer3393d ago

I guess the PS3 and 360 version are the definative copies

Monteblanco3393d ago

The movie is rather weak, I wouldn't expect the videogame to do better.

rbluetank3392d ago

(Resident Evil 4, Call of Duty: WaW) are house hold names and will generally sale well. what happen to mad world-no more heros-red steel) they were not the BlockBuster that Nintendo wanted ... even metro prime did not do the numbers they wanted.... i am hoping the conduit changes things for the Wii... i like this game..but sales will tell the truth about mature games on the Wii saling well...