Some more Red Steel 2 details

Nintendo Everything has another scoop:

- Cannot cheat the game
- Can't just sit down, waggle Wiimote with short/sharp motions
- When you quickly waggle the Wiimote, that will translate to a quick slice in-game
- Need to actually try to deal out big damage
- Sword also used for defense (thus better than a gun during combat)
- There will be instances where you will have to deal with multiple enemies
- Still use B button + pointer to shoot
- Reconfirmed that you can pull off sword + gun combos
- Passing through near-future desert town (Aldera)
- Architect is a mix of East and West
- Hero is mysterious at the beginning
- Hero is a take on Clint Eastwood character in the Dollars movies
- Nameless, faceless, friendless at the start
- Pretty powerful from the beginning of the game
- There will be plenty of variety in missions
- Need greater thought/skill against bosses
- Objectives connected to the hero
- Different levels of blocking as you progress

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Monteblanco3424d ago

This game seems better and better every time they disclose some extra details.

kesvalk3424d ago

the first one felt good too

don't get your hopes up until the footage is shown...

Monteblanco3424d ago

Just watched the trailer and it's pretty good.

vox3424d ago

there is some footage out already, I just saw the trailer
considering it uses wii motion + it doesn't seem like they can screw up the controls this time.. just sucks no MP