The Simpsons: Homer Teabags in Halo

Slashgamer: "If you missed last night's episode of the Simpsons, then shame on you. Anyway, last night's episode was about how Homer wanted to send Bart and Lisa to Waverly Hills, and one way he decided to do it was to move into a bachelor pad.

For a brief moment during the show, Homer was playing an unnamed game, which is reminiscent of Halo. During the time he was playing the shooter, Homer did what we all do in the online portion of the famous FPS. Of course I'm talking about the greatest insult known to man - teabagging. Even his wife Marge, gets into the action. Hot!"

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PSP23244d ago

sorry i dont watch the simpsons anymore its so average now family guy is way better imo

DixieNormS3244d ago

but funnier indeed, the Simpsons still have a handfull of funny episodes though.

penguinhunter3244d ago

When the Family Guy is on for over 20 years, then you can talk. Until then, no.

Family Guy has officially became old for me. Totally gave up on it when the 'Bird is the Word' episode debuted. Terrible.

However I still watch the Simpsons, not religiously like I used to, but I still do -- 20 year's later.

name3244d ago

Family guy is terrible imo. The stories usually suck, the characters are generic etc it's just not a good show at all. I'm more of a simpsons, south park, boondocks, king of the hill etc guy.

Fishy Fingers3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Family Guy is amazing, although the majority of the jokes aren't at all story based and there for 'easily' written.

"This reminds me of the time......[insert random flashback]"

Still, I'll take South Park over either.

Parapraxis3244d ago

The Simpsons has become brutally unfunny over the last few years.
The writers are horrible now, and it's apparent.

Deadman643244d ago

IMO family guy is the current king. You sort have to be really knowledgeable to get everything.

poopface13244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

havent watched the simpsons for a while, But thats pretty funny.

Im also tired of family guy, Ive seen so many episodes and they just seem like they could all be mashed together and it wouldn't matter. I might just be sick of it because its on like 5 different channels now tho.

My favorite cartoon now id say is south park. It still has the potential to make me laugh more than either of the others. It may get repetitive sometimes but at least it usually has a moral.

Mike Wallace3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job

MaximusPrime3244d ago

i got to admit. new simpsons episodes are getting out of date and not even funny.

my simpsons DVD collections ends at season 10.

specialguest3244d ago

I haven't grown tired of Family Guy yet and it's still funny to me. The Simpsons I'll watch if I happened to channel surf and see it on. I never watched a complete episode of south park to "get it".

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is the latest cartoon that got me cracking up hard. Carl in ATHF is like the new Homer, meaning when Carl gets hurt, it's funny as shiet.

3244d ago
II Necroplasm II3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

I still love Family Guy. a lot of people don't like Family Guy because of the sacreligious comedy alone.

But South Park is just awesome! 3rd season is my favorite still to this day. I'm a big fan of Trey Parker, love his films...

JasonXE3244d ago

the simspons and family guy gone downhill pretty quick. The only show that aged well is King of the Hill.

kcdude3244d ago

I have trouble watching family guy because it looks like the characters have balls for chins.

poopsack3243d ago


lol that was an inside joke that seht mc farlane then used as a joke in an episode, where peter beings to think and grabs his chin then pulls it down and asks howd that get up there?

Deadman643243d ago

@mike wallace

If that is the future I think i'm done with comedies. No offense but imo I cannot stand that show, I can hardly tolerate the commercials for it.

s8anicslayer3243d ago

what the hell? I posted this on badjoystik

Megaton3243d ago

Simpsons hasn't been funny since the single digit seasons. I've been a Family Guy fan since it first ran way back in the day, but I do change the channel when they really go off with the flashbacks. One of the more recent seasons of FG was pretty terrible, mainly because the flashback references became more obscure and unfunny, and increased drastically in quantity and length to boot.

Sitdown3243d ago

So a cartoon can only be considered better than the Simpsons if it lasts for 20 years? So great shows can not be canceled?

Anyhow....I stopped watching the Simpsons a long time ago....Family Guy is hilarious......and I feel that you have to be at either end of the spectrum to really enjoy it...and not easily offended. Anyhow, along with Family Guy, give me Aqua Team Hunger Force, Sealab 2021, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, The Brak Show, and even Harvey Birdman. At this time, I would take Flapjack and Chowder over Simpsons........I am a fan of random comedy, and Simpsons just does not give me that.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3243d ago

"Family guy is terrible imo. The stories usually suck, the characters are generic etc"

The same could be said about the Simpsons and pretty much every other adult oriented cartoon. Don't give me that crap, just as the point of video games is being fun first and everything else later, the same goes for cartoons. Family Guy is cutting edge and makes me laugh a whole lot more, the Simpson's isn't cutting edge and doesn't make me laugh as much, even if its stories are relatively more elaborated (who cares?).

Saying one is better than the other because of "20 YEARS LATERS LOL" is as stupid as saying that one game is better and the other because of "teh salez". The Simpsons is a household name like Halo is, that's why it hasn't gone away.

table3243d ago

is probably the greatest comedy of all time. Alot of my humour is based off of it. However, the program went down hill back around 2002 or then abouts. When they hit the 300 episode mark it was time to stop. I used to anticipate every new episode but for the past 6-7 years I've stopped watching it. The writers are abysmal now.

Me and my friends sometimes fire on seasons 2-6 DVDs as these are by far the best. Think episodes like 'Mr.Plow' and 'Homer goes to College'. Unbeatable comedy.

NickIni3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Season 20 of the simpsons is hilarious, easily the best when compared to older seasons in terms of well, everything.

But seasons 15-19 were dire and completely unfunny.

I agree with stewgart, seasons 2-6 are excellent.

SinnedNogara3239d ago

My older brother, my little brother, and I love Family Guy. I also like the Simpsons and South Park.

I hate American Dad though, it isn't funny. I'll watch it when I'm bored.

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IrishAssa3243d ago

Haha typical American Fat Ba**erd playing Halo 3, no really though Halo's alright the Warthog is a good laugh

LordMarius3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Homer has an Xbox and a Wii but no PS3 :(

Edit: Oh nevermind then, I forgot to read between the lines.

Pennywise3244d ago

Homer has always been a prime example of a dumb American.
(no offense to anyone, but he has)

zenosaga043244d ago

Well considering Homer has an IQ of 68 that makes alot of since =)

TheColbertinator3244d ago

Its spelled sense,not "since"

penguinhunter3244d ago


Homer isn't real.

That was a dumb comment -- no offense.

Elven63244d ago

lol Steven, you sure made him look stupid.

And Pennywise, "but he has", what on earth are you talking about, that makes no sense!

II Necroplasm II3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Family Guy, The Simpsons and South Park is created by Comedic Geniuses.

America's most smart in the entertainment world just not so much with history knowledge though lol.

America is just so diverse. There is really smart people and down right dumb people
in the US.

Pennywise3244d ago

Elven6, I see how it makes no sense... I just meant he has been profiled as a dumb american. That's all...

But more disturbing - HOMER ISNT REAL????? The walls of my world are crumbling. I am in shock right now, I always though homer was real. I had no idea he was a cartoon portrayal of a dummy. penguinhunter - Thank you for your wise insight. In retrospect your comment was the smartest comment ever made on a gamer site.

N4Flamers3244d ago

I agree, but in this episode homer was being used as a frat guy. He was a "bachelor" with a small apartment. I thought it was the funniest thing they showed this sunday.

MonkeyMan3243d ago


that is why he said example, not actual human.

II Necroplasm II3243d ago

British people are really geeky though.

DelbertGrady3243d ago

Pennywise is just overly eager to turn everything into a "PS3 is te3 bestest" argument. If the Simpsons used the PS3 in their episode he would hail the show as a monument in popular culture.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3243d ago

"3.11 -
Pennywise is just overly eager to turn everything into a "PS3 is te3 bestest" argument. If the Simpsons used the PS3 in their episode he would hail the show as a monument in popular culture. "*

*Note: It goes both ways.

Pennywise3243d ago

Soda you have problems.

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-x.Red.x-3244d ago

pissed me off... no ps3...

family guy/American dad FTW!!!

iDystopia3243d ago

awww PS3 isn't popular = it never gets recognized.

rayjelic3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Yeah PS3 hardly have any burn when it come down to TV(Rightttt)

What was the last episode the Simpsons did with you clowns oh yeah krusty was in a store with a bunch of 360's with red lights,
Yeah yah really blowing up.

Arnon3243d ago

And was it a PS3?... Nope. In fact, I haven't seen one TV show use the PS3 at all.. I think the last show that I saw use a 360 was House. House was playing Ninja Gaiden 2.