Guerrilla: Don't call Killzone 2 a 'Halo Killer'

Softpedia: "The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 have been duking it out for supremacy of the hardcore gamer market for quite some time. That is why each of the platforms has focused on getting exclusive franchises for itself, thus making itself much more popular with players who want a great experience.

While the Xbox 360 has Bungie's Halo series, a lot of people have compared it with Guerrilla Games' Killzone franchise, which, when the first game arrived, was dubbed a Halo killer. Now, as the second one was launched a few weeks ago, some analysts have quickly proclaimed it once more the series that will put an end to Halo's dominance of online console shooters."

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Blaze9293513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

that's quite obvious to see...

- Ghost of Sparta -3513d ago

Pretty funny how you approved this even though the title's wrong and it was reported.


Well i prefer Killzone 2, and thats all that matters to me...

edgeofblade3513d ago

No, it's not a Halo Killer. But why do we need "killers"?

If we had avoided calling this and that a Halo Killer, maybe those games would have been evaluated on their own merits, instead of put in a cage with the other panda and told to perform. Un-deserving games get over-hyped and deserving games get under-appreciated.

Both exist just fine without one killing the other. I'm Forging a map in Halo 3 when I'm not playing Killzone 2. I give them BOTH their playtime because they are both great games.

Killzone 2 is an amazing multiplayer experience once you get used to the conventions of the experience, namely the controls. In my opinion, it's a unique experience that doesn't have to look to another franchise for a frame of reference.

It's entirely a fun experience, but giving games unrealistic expectations always ends in tragedy. So, if Killzone 2 should have been a Halo killer, no one should have called it a Halo killer until it... actually killed Halo.

Now, apply that principle to all of Sony's PR: Stop prophesying, dammit. You're mouth is writing checks that bounce, regardless of how right you might be. By telling the future, you change the future.

FantasyStar3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

True, but by putting developers under pressure, it'll encourage the developers to try hard out of pride and bring out a great game. Who doesn't love a little competition here and there, especially in the end: it's the gamers who win.

Sure under-appreciated games get crushed under the "killer hype", but it's playing with fire that I approve of. In the name of competition and innovation.

edgeofblade3513d ago


I would normally agree, but you always have to question a principled response and evaluate it against results. In this case, your principled devotion to competition is very well-intentioned, but it assumes inaccurate hyping doesn't affect the results.

Competition is great, but we as consumers are messing with that formula by taking the competition out of the hands of the developers. We have very little control over the small details that can make or break a final product. But we can affect the expectations of the game. If fanboys get their way, all games get rated 0% or 100%... according to their loyalty... before a game even comes out. Their loyalty is a faith that dictates their own principled reactions. Therefore, you either expect more of a game than it can deliver or you don't expect anything and nothing excites you.

If games suddenly "appeared" out of no where, we would see a much more accurate evaluation for games. But thanks to being a platform-mediated market, you can't sell games without systems... therein the catch 22. And since platform-mediated markets are subject to an taller and deeper hype curve, the effects are magnified. So, hype is necessary, but should be restrained to keep from cannibalizing the industry.

The fanboy movement is the sign of that hype going out of control, eating away at the industry. It's why Nintendo is running away with the generation. It's why the hardcore fanboys need to recognize they are both on the same side and stop this downward spiral.

JokesOnYou3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Halo franchise is a beast. Master Chief is an Icon. Nothing is going to kill Halo until they stop making Halo themed shooters...but hey Halo doesnt NEED to be killed, I have an idea how about other devs just make games that will match Halo's success and then we can look back in time and say damm that [ ] game was definitely one of the best shooters of all time, right along WITH Halo. KZ2 was good but personally it lacked its very own special identity that a shooter needs to make a big impact in a crowded and highy competitive market of shooters. I've played just about every decent shooter and I welcome other great games to make their own name just as Halo has done. I'll defenitely play the hell out of them too.


evrfighter3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Well it's obvious it's not a Halo killer. But What Fstar says makes a lot of sense. If you have certain expectations from a company. Or they have a reputation to withhold. More pressure to release a better game is put on the developer.

But when a developer loses sight of what made them one of the best and their execs no longer care about their fanbase or reputation, only dollar signs. Games like "The Last Remnant" are released.

FantasyStar3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

I know my explanation is a double-edged sword, but one has to pick a side and stick with it. I myself can't find the way to balance fanboyism with practicality. I'm all for people expressing their passion and love as pride is very cool in making games. However when that pride turns to hubris, what then? Will games still stand for the art created by their artisans(developers) or go the way of an industrialized complex(EA) fueled by supply-n-demand?(oversaturatio n of FPSs on the game market)

My standing point is that I don't have a real rebuttal to your response because I'm not so sure anymore if this-gen sucks due to console fanboyism over game fanboyism or that I'm just too conservative about the old ways. I'm not even sure what is the formula for making a great game anymore than anyone else here. Passion and a creative vision doesn't make a great game anymore in this day. Just look at the over-use of the Unreal Engine 3 as that represents the goal displacement of developers wanting to make a quick buck over creating a work of art in video games that gamers will respect and remember for ages(Tetris).

And what confuses me the most is how overwhelming the market responds to the next Halo, and that a fine game that's breeds innovation like The Darkness and Folklore falls under the radar. It makes me wonder if I'm out of touch with gaming, or that gaming is out of touch with me. My whole warrant for "pressure" falls in line more with the old ways, compared to the partisan console gen that we live in. That hype is based on the games itself, and not the console exclusive that fanboys blindly hype for their own side for the win.

But one thing is for sure, Nintendo is the real enemy of gamers: "present" and "past". Off-topic I know.


word to that. milking-DLC FTL. Hell, anygame that seeks to rip me out of my $60 unjustifiably FTL. Sorry, KZ2: that includes you too. 6-8 hour SP, 8MP maps, no split-screen. $6 DLC for 2 maps which makes up 10% of the game price.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3513d ago

"Halo franchise is a beast. Master Chief is an Icon"

lol, sales

evrfighter3513d ago

@ fstar

I've stuck with the opinion that this gen sucks hard. Fanboys that continue to shell out their cash for a couple maps of DLC, extra costumes, and stuff that's normally in a patch. Have really stalled gaming this gen.

More and more developers are beginning to look past the game itself and more at what they can charge console players for extra this or that in a DLC.

JokesOnYou3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Well I'm sorry it bothers you that Halo franchise has sold quite well through two gaming generations. I'm sorry it bothers you its STILL the most played game on Live most weeks. I'm sorry it bothers you that there are really good books written about the Halo universe. I'm sorry it bothers you that the Halo name and Master Chief are OFTEN mentioned whenever FPS games are rated/compared/discussed/talke d about. I'm sorry it bothers you that the game looks great, the weapons are cool, the vehicles are fun, the depth of gameplay is unmatched, and all the features plus live matchmaking just keep gamers coming back for more, while other supposedly better shooters are but forgotten. So you see all these things collectively do indeed make Halo a beast and Master Chief an Icon, does that make you sad? lol, try to contain your jealousy....your tired response of sales are nothing more than the bitter screams of those who hate Halos success.

Oh but wait, I have to remember this is the same guy who talked about killing Greenburgs family and raping his wife, just because he insulted a piece of plastic you have an unhealthy attatchment of course you won't acknowledge Halo's value. I hope Halo's success continues to hurt your petty feelings. lmfao=


edgeofblade3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )


Agreed on The Darkness. It had that power-trippy feeling I love. And because you suggest it, I'll give Folklore a shot, too. And yes, Nintendo is a boil on the ass of the game industry. The hardcores of all systems need to band together, throw aside the corporate bullshit, and give the traitorous Nintendo what's coming to them.

Please, everyone who reads this, go out to all the hardcore fanboys you meet and tell them this:

Thou shalt play for the love of the game.

zoneofenders3513d ago

well halo has already been killed at least for me after COD4...
so i was looking forward to a COD4 killer and here we are

s8anicslayer3513d ago

graphically destroys halo, halo's story better then KZ2, gameplay both at about same level, fanboy fanbase to Halo, multi player same but again KZ2 much much prettier so I would say KZ2 has a little edge over halo 3 but it did have more dev time and released almost 2 years later

Ps3fanbaby3513d ago

halo is sh!t it old i got tired of it. i try playing it and my 360 rrod twice.killzone is better.gfx are so amazing its the best shoter out there that is going to be goty for sure. i played halo mutiplayer and kid started to scream and shouting wereas killzone2 has mature people playing it

Aquanox3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

It's curious how they only mention games that have nothing to do with KZ2 as the titles they "often" play: LBP, Warcraft, Guitar Hero, Motorstorm.

I would bet money right now that they've spent twice as much time playing COD4 and Gears of War (And probably Halo too) than all those other games above... together, and it shows in the game.

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PotNoodle3513d ago

Like we were all saying before launch, it isn't trying to kill halo.. there won't be a halo killer either.. the only thing that will kill halo is microsoft or when the franchise eventually gets old.

The same can be applied to any popular game.

kurochi3513d ago

um.... Sorry to inform you, but Halo has already gotten old after Halo 2 (to me at least).

PotNoodle3513d ago

.. Yeah, when it gets old for you.. its old for everyone, right? I'm not a halo fan, but what you just said was pretty stupid.

bomboclaat_gamer3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

sorry to inform u, but i like halo 3. and what u said was stupid. hell, maybe u r stupid

kurochi3513d ago

you guys are definitely showing your age. calling someone "stupid" doesn't change my opinion that Halo 3 is old for me.

jadenkorri3513d ago

every game is old after the first... Halo Combat Evolved was the best FPS shooter I've ever played, but afterwards, just like most sequels, repeats itself.. Halo 2 and 3 were Halo 1, same Master Chief, similar but updated weapons of course, a few new ones, etc, etc... Samething with HalfLife 2 with all the episodes, its the same game, nothing new...Halo series is no better than any other fps, just like Killzone 2 and any other FPS you want to name...

PotNoodle3513d ago

kurochi, learn to read.

s8anicslayer3513d ago

thats because like many other franchises (Tony Hawk) halois milked asmuch as possible and tha tmight be good for ms because it will sell a ton of anything halo the bad is we get tired of it

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Sony Rep3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Yeah. GT already kills Halo.

GT3 sold almost as much as two Halo games. fact

George Sears3513d ago

Are you talking about Grand Turismo? Now work with me here. What the hell does GT have to do with Halo?

I mean a Racing Sim series and a FPS series, where is the resemblance?

Sony Rep3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

We talking about sales or quality..?

I forget with xbox fans. Pick one, though. My point remains.


MriownBOTH3513d ago

at least they are comparing fps to fps.

not fps to a driving game.

you could at least try to compare something that's at least a little bit the same.

FantasyStar3513d ago

Really? I'm always under the impression that all Sony fans care about are sales, the metacritic scoers, and the NPD numbers. Like Al Gore supporters before them, the Sony fans count every single console sold and hype the NPD numbers whenever it's a positive month for Sony.

lloyd_wonder3513d ago

What's your point? Of course, It doesn't just go one way.

You so insecure to respond to drivel?

FantasyStar3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

I'm insecure about the nature of what a gamer does anymore. Do gamers spend more time on message boards professing their love for their consoles or do they spend more time playing the actual games/console they profess to love?

And you can cross-burn me if you want, but I see the Sony side spending more time on message boards than actually playing their PS3. It makes me, as a PS3 owner, look bad because I can assure you I can proudly accept the good and bad things of my PS3 and yet this "drivel" is what's giving us PS3 owners a bad name. Hence my Al Gore reference.

Al Gore is a good person with good intentions, but damn his supporters.

solidjun53513d ago

Who cares about them. Not every SONY fan is on this website. Not every XBOX or WII fan on this webiste. I'm sure there are tons of them playing games right now. You're always going to have people who going to profess their console of choice but I wouldn't necessarily generalize them.

FantasyStar3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Perhaps you're right. Believe me when I say it, but I find it hard to avoid generalizing/stereotyping. Especially here on N4G.

lloyd_wonder3513d ago

Your words of wisdom amaze me...

solidjun53513d ago

On the flip side, I find it hard avoid stereotyping/generalizing on Gamefaqs/Gamespot/1up. But at the same time, I've learned not to let it bother me. Maybe it's me getting older (trust me, I'm not attacking you or saying you're immature. I just don't want my words miscontrued) but I'm starting to not care anymore. Trust me, there are some who claim to be objective but it annoys me because you can tell in their writing, they really aren't. So things like that get to me and sometimes I feel like responding but it's a wash and as long as I'm having fun, then i'm good. By no means, i'm perfect. I won't lie, I do prefer the PS3 but I have the wii and I have fun when my friends come over. I don't the 360 is a great system and people are having fun. ^_^

IcarusOne3513d ago

But Al Gore is not a well-intentioned messiah. He is no better than his supporters. He is a fraud, perpetrating an unconfirmed pseudo-science THEORY as fact and further building an unnecessary industry. The Green movement is no longer about the environment as much as it is about $$$.

shadow27973513d ago

Show some respect, Al Gore invented the internet.


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jBat173513d ago

cod4 killed gaylo in gameplay
wii fit killed gaylo in sales
kz2 buried gaylo

the only people playing gaylo 3 are 12 year olds how did not have the money to buy cod4 in 2007.. scratch that, their moms did not have enough hooker money at that time

silverchode3513d ago

if "gaylo" is dead then why do more people play it than kz2?

Stryfeno23513d ago

It took 3 games to kill Halo 3? I guess it will take 4 to kill Halo 4 lol.

jBat173512d ago

if "gaylo" is dead then why do more people play it than kz2?

like i said: the only people playing gaylo 3 are 12 year olds how did not have the money to buy cod4 in 2007.. scratch that, their moms did not have enough hooker money at that time.. those guys have no choice, gaylo is their only game, until their moms get enough money to buy them a better game like COD4 or KZ2.

ultimolu3513d ago

It's a damn good game though. :D

thor3513d ago

Why the f*** are people disagreeing with Ultimolu here?

I'm afraid that N4G is starting to become an Xbox haven again.

KZ2 is a FANTASTIC game. Look at the reviews if you must. Play the game if you must. It's really fun. If you don't find it fun, you're either far too pedantic, or you just don't like shooters.

ultimolu3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Oooh, look at the disagrees! Yayz! :D

thor: I'm just loling dude. I see trolls at work here. xD
I see trolls that hate me and just hate when someone mentions the name of Killzone 2.

FantasyStar3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

On-Topic: I like both games, but I give the edge to Halo 3 just cause of more variety like vehicles and split-screen. I can't play KZ2 in the same room with friends after all. The way I see it, at a party, it'll always be Halo 3 that gets played more often than KZ2 because no one wants to shell out $400 +$60 for a game that might not even be that great because there's no split-screen in KZ2.

Bring it on Sony fanboys, I said it. Your game isn't the GOD game, but it's still a very good game by itself.

thor3513d ago

100% agree FantasyStar.

They completely underestimated the importance of split-screen in a game such as KZ2 - however I don't think including it would have impacted sales that much; Motorstorm 2 and Resistance 2's split-screen modes, whilst awesome, didn't propel sales as high as the first games which didn't include those modes.

solidjun53513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

but c'mon mayne.

It's fine that you give the edge to HAlO because everything is subjective and if you think HALO3 is better than that's fine. As long as you're enjoying the game and having fun with your frieds, which it should always be.

But to say "because no one wants to shell out $400 +$60 for a game that might not even be that great because there's no split-screen in KZ2." and then purposely say it just to welcome attacks is just kinda...odd. You have the system and I'm sure you didn't buy the console just for "1" game. There's variety of great games you can play.

Seriously, it doesn't have to have split-screen to be great. It's great on it's own right. I personally think Bioshock is over freaking rated but it didn't stop anyone from giving it GOTY awards left to right despite have lack of split screen or even multiplayer. It's fun on its own right and that's what matters. Why don't we just leave it at that.

Sorry for the rant. Just enjoy the games.
Besides, I don't believe SONY or guerilla said it was a HALO killer. It was so called Journalists who created that moniker. To me, it's just a damn good game.

edgeofblade3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Rules #1 about Disagree Club: Talking about agrees OR disagrees will get you more disagrees.

_____________________________ __________________See? Like clockwork.

lowcarb3513d ago

"Besides, I don't believe SONY or guerilla said it was a HALO killer. It was so called Journalists who created that moniker."

Journalists and Sony fanboys to be exact.

Pennywise3513d ago

thor, it isnt becoming an xbox haven again. These guys all have many many many accounts and their lack of games to play, or jobs gives them plenty of time to log on them all and hit disagree and take bubbles.

ultimolu3513d ago

lowcarb, I'm a PS3 fan and I didn't say this game would kill Halo. I was excited about the game because I was in the beta and I played the demo like...ten times?

II Necroplasm II3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Reading these comments are funny while drunk.

lowcarb3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Well I'm not calling you or other Sony fans a fanboy because you like KZ2. I'm talking about the few people that where for whatever reason stirring up stuff calling it a halo killer.

edit above necroplasma: your going to stunt your growth. 10 years of age is way to young to start heavy drinking.

ukilnme3513d ago

Killzone 2 is a great game. Looking forward to spending more time with it. Halo 1-3 are great too. No need for anything to kill anything.

I do find it too funny that someone here is afraid that this site is becoming an Xbox haven again. All anyone has to do is look at the comments of almost any Xbox news and you will see them infested with Sony guys, some of which are in this thread.

Anyway be like me and enjoy both. It's only games people.

king dong23513d ago

and am i looking forward to owning kz2? sh!t yeah!

but will i still play halo3 on my 360? again sh!t yeah!

i know i will love kz2, just like i love halo3! i dont think any game kills any other, i just play the games i want to, and play more of the games love....more people should if you ask me.

pennywise: a typical pathetic response from a die-hard sony fanboy. n4g is the biggest stronghold of sony-fanboys on the net...even the official ps forums are tame by comparison. if they weren't, then how would you, and the people like you accumulate so many bubbles for spouting such nonsense day-in day-out(which is surprising seeing as there's close to "1000 beztz excluzivez everzzzz in the hiztoryz of conzolezzz on the pstriple")!

kz2, and resistance 2 by the weekend for me!! can someone be honest with me(no typical fanboy love-fest required), what's mgs4 like on-line??

TheBand1t3513d ago

Thank you slime for your well researched and unbiased opinion. We here at N4G greatly value such excellent comments.

Also, sarcasm.

QuackPot3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

@king dong2

I've been on this site for over a year and it is obvious there's at least as many 360 fans as Ps3.

Problem is the the xfanboys love doing fantom disagrees and stealing bubbles, maliciously- especially those who don't have a ps3 but always seem to be commenting in the Ps3 section.

Also, you will get more reward playing Warhawk online than R2 or KZ2. Warhawk online MP is as good if not better than Halo - simple fun and very addictive in a 16 vs 16 with good players. It has no SP or coop but does have 4 player split screen. It's cheapas at the PSStore.

king dong23512d ago

on both sides then..

yeah thanks for the advice, i'll be downloading warhawk straight away...most probably be picking up a ps3 tomorrow.

i'm looking forward to having one at last....

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