White Knight Chronicles Additional Details and Playstation 3 Screenshots

From the developers of the critically acclaimed Dark Cloud series and Rogue Galaxy, Level-5 once again delivers an unparalleled role-playing game experience with the introduction of the first true Role-Playing Game (RPG) on PS3, White Knight Chronicles. With its highly anticipated North American release, White Knight Chronicles provides RPG fans with visually stunning backdrops, a unique battle system, and robust online gameplay rooted in an epic adventure.

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DragonWarrior_43308d ago

damn I need this game. I hope online has voice chat. I would be set for at least a year.

ExcelKnight3308d ago

Tsubasa Inaba, producer at SCEA for WKC's localization said they're working on voice chat and global servers.

If it all works out, prepare for awesomeness.

swiftshot933308d ago

They look very nice, but IGN and joystick both said it was "gorgeous".
It just doesnt look like that to me. Great art style but not FFXIII level presentation.

Enate3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Also beyond the difference in budget to FFXIII, FFXIII isn't going to see the light of day state side until like March 2010 an that's if we are lucky. As long as its taking them just to get the PS3 version out in Japan (so they claim). We are looking at a more realistic release date of winter 2010, that is ridiculus on a game that has been in development for so long already. As nice as FFXIII is to look at I'd much rather be playing it then staring at it for the next 2 years. At least White Knight is shaping up to be one of better J-RPGS to come state side by a company that knows what they are doing.

At the very least will be playing this game from level 5 sooner rather then later an man could I use a good J-RPG right about now.

DNAgent3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Of course it's "not FF13 level presentation". It's much better than FF13 and far surpasses it in every way. FF13 is looking to be yet another mediocre game by Square-Enix with forgettable characters & terrible gameplay.

White Knight Chronicles is the best JRPG this gen and will probably be that way until Persona 5 (on PS3) or Dark Cloud 3 comes out.

Level 5 is the king of RPGs so there is no way this game will disappoint.

MisterNiwa3308d ago

Need to Disagree.

The Battlesystem of FFXIII is actually pretty funny and made me think of FFXIII in a different way.

FFXIII isnt going to be a Mediocre Square Enix X Xbox 360 RPG.

I can tell you that.

(Btw. i got the FFXIII demo.)

DNAgent3308d ago

You seem to still be in denial. FF13 will be a mediocre game like everything else they have made. They made FF games last gen to you know and they were all mediocre. FF13 will be no different. It won't just be a mediocre RPG for 360 but it will be a mediocre RPG for both 360 & PS3. FFvs13 and even FF Agito 13 will be mediocre RPGs though FF Agito 13 will probably be the best one since it seems like S-E can make better handheld games than console games.

Regardless, I won't be playing anything made by them as I don't want to waste money on garbage.

DNAgent3308d ago

My fanboyism is showing? My fanboyism for what exactly? I've already pointed out that FF13 will suck regardless of what system it's on as well as ANY game made by S-E.

Or maybe you just don't know what a "fanboy" is (which is what I am assuming).

DaTruth3308d ago

What, his anti Square Enix fanboyism?

callahan093308d ago

I'm playing the game right now, and if there's one thing this game's oozing, it's fantastic architecture and location design. The monsters are well-designed, but they're nothing really special and there's not as great a variety as you'd expect from an RPG (a few dozen varieties is about it). The character designs are great, though. The myriad NPC's roaming around in all of the towns are really interesting and well-designed. There's a TON of different races of characters in the villages, and each individual NPC is dignified with its own unique features (size, facial features, hair) and style (clothing, weapons, etc.) . . . The fact that all of your equipment (weapons & armor) shows up on your characters is really sweet.

BUT, what is absolutely gorgeous about this game is the backdrops. The architecture of the buildings is really something else. Especially the architecture and engineering design of the moving city, but also the imperial capital is really loaded with awesome buildings. Each of the battle zones is really awesome, from the forest zones, to the mountain ranges, to the desert, etc. The way the sand kicks up and blows around in the desert region is really cool. There is a lot of beauty there.

The only problem with the graphics is that there is some aliasing and screen tearing, but the art direction and overall polish of everything is really great.

But, then again, who really cares that deeply for visuals, huh? The game is insanely addictive. Really fun to just go about questing, both through the single-player with your AI compatriots and online, too. The online is more than functional, it's actually quite fun. The complaints that a lot of publications like Famitsu had when the game released have largely been ironed out in the last 2 patches (initially, the game couldn't be paused at all, but with patch 1.10 that came out last week, it CAN be paused now, which actually is a much more useful addition and makes the game more accessible to just pick up and play than you might think). Voice chat will make the online portion even better, but it's fun the way it is.

Anyway, maybe I'll buy it again when they release it in America, but I haven't decided yet. I've got a lot of friends who will be buying that version, and so if I'm not able to play online with my Japanese version with my American friends, then I'll buy the American version for that reason.

I just hope they re-think some of the trophies. Have 10,000,000 gilda in your purse at one time? That would literally take THOUSANDS of hours. I honestly can't imagine that anyone has gotten the platinum on this game yet. I could be wrong, but if I am, then whoever got the platinum on this game needs to get a life hahaha. Because this game is by far the most time-consuming platinum there is.

RememberThe3573308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

You'd have to be an idiot to think that the people who brought us Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest all of a sudden got bad at making games.

Square is not what it used to be, but Yoshinori Kitase, Tetsuya Nomura, Toshiro Tsuchida, and Motomu Toriyama have not all of a sudden gotten bad at making games. FF13 will kick ass and I'm sorry to see that your blind hate for Square Enix is going to keep you from that experience. I guess "hateboyism" would have been a better term.

LastDance3308d ago

cop a load of the square enix funboys. Square have clearly gone down hill and FFXIII looks like The matrix/elton john. The art direction looks dull and uninteresting.

Immortal Kaim3308d ago

Awesome info mate, I'm really look forward to WKC (when it gets released in Aus).

This might seem like a silly question, but does the online play out like Phantasy Star Online (On the Dreamcast)? Cause it looks reminiscent of that style, with the 4 characters etc.

If they don't do a voice patch I will just use Xbox Live chat at the same time :)

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PSP23308d ago

did you know that ff13 has a budget that exceeds 50 million dollars white knight chronicles never had such a big budget so stop complaining and either buy it or wait for ff13 ok

swiftshot933308d ago

im saying some f the previews arent justified judging by these screens

DNAgent3308d ago

They spent 50 million dollars making FF13? The game looks terrible and will just be yet another mediocre game from S-E. No wonder their sales are at an all time low. They've hit rock bottom along with their quality. I'm sure FF13 will sell to a lot of people who are still FF fanboys for whatever reason but it won't be a good RPG at all and it's not even an anticipated game. It will be rated high, sell a lot of copies, and once you come back to reality you will find out how much it sucks just like GTA4. They had to cram everything on little DVDs and apparently they didn't have enough space for the "fun".

KwietStorm3308d ago

You seem to be a little agitated. Care to share why you hate Microso..I mean, why you seem to be so annoyed with Final Fantasy XIII so much?

DNAgent3308d ago

It's made by S-E so there is no point in playing it. All of the games they have made end up being mediocre. FF13 will be no different from FF11, FF12, and everything else they have made. I do give them credit that they can make better handheld games than console games but overall the quality still sucks. Not only that but the stories in FF seem to get worse with each game except now that S-E has taken over they combined that with forgettable characters. Mainly, there is no quality in their games at all and all they have been doing is pushing out garbage. This is why I won't waste money on anything they make regardless of the console or handheld.

KwietStorm3308d ago

What does having to use DVDs have to do with it then? GTA IV is a great game, regardless of the format.

RememberThe3573308d ago

DNA is still stuck on the Square hate from last year. You'd think he'd be over it by now.

Oh and DNA, FF12 was freakin awesome.

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DrWan3308d ago

and we need such game.

Myst3308d ago

I really would like this game and would pick it up on first date, only problem keeping from this is release date. From This, demon's souls, and monster hunter Freedom Unite and Cross Edge I need to find a release date so I know how much money to allocate so I can pick this one up. A few sites say either TBA 2009 (IGN) or Winter 2009 (Wikipedia) could someone please point me in the right direction for release date wise?

If it is indeed winter, then I suppose that's good to especially since I could probably play this heavily during Christmas season. All I can say is this game is shaping up to be quite the heavy hitter in this year and it really pains me to have to wait so long for it's release :(

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