Microsoft Upgrading Xbox 360 To Widen Its Appeal (First official pictures!)

It's finally been confirmed.

The new Xbox 360 Elite will sell for $479.99. Consumers who already own the $399.99 20-gigabyte model will be able to buy a snap-on 120-gigabyte hard drive for $179.99. HDMI output is also confirmed.

Full press release after the jump.

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Bill Nye4133d ago

Perhaps, but $179.99 for the 120 GB HDD isn't.

highps34133d ago

Well glad microsoft finally has a real console mabe ill pick up this one...

Makes the white console officially xbox 2.5!!!

RelloC4133d ago

" Makes the white console officially xbox 2.5!!! "

Wouldn't this be a compliment??? You moron.

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ElementX4133d ago

I hope tomorrow isn't Halo 3 news. *Yawn* I'd rather have a new exclusive game. We already know Halo 3 is coming.

Bill Nye4133d ago

It's nice that it comes with an HDMI cable (as well as component and composite). Sony, take note.

Kyur4ThePain4133d ago

MS has been taking notes recently.

DJ4133d ago

PS3 had HDMI from Day one; I think Microsoft took pretty good note of that. Too bad it not only costs 180 dollars for the bigger hard drive, but the HDMI isn't even an upgrade option. And all of this within a year of launch. Way to win consumers' trust.

Bill Nye4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

I said HDMI CABLE which is something the PS3 does NOT come with.

Optimus Prime4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

looking good, if only i had a tv that would support hdmi, i would pick one of these up for sure, but i dont, ill have to wait a bit. still looking cool though

MEGANE4133d ago

I wonder if the RING OF DEATH is gona be RED in thisone??

SEAN16174133d ago

hey thats a nice deal i need that hdmi will pick one up for sure.