PS3-Sense Demon's Souls review

PS3-Sense writes: "New Role Playing Games are poorly promoted, for example, just think of the poor Valkyria Chronicles. Demon's Souls was also very quietly placed in stores. Is the game so bad that Sony does not want the game to came in the interest of gamers? Have they made a big mistake by not promoting the game? You can read that in our review now!"

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PSP23150d ago

i want this game on my xbox 360 microsoft buy the developers and then close them after they put the game on my xbox 360

Kain813150d ago

than there is no way around you must buy a PS3, cause Sony owns the IP

callahan093150d ago

I think that he was being "ironical," considering the "and then close them" remark.

WildArmed3150d ago

lol @ Sarcasm ^^

Either way, Im REALLY surprised this game is getting soo good reviews. Imma have to pick this up if its US bound.

I thought of this to be a mediocre game lik Too Human.

Baba19063150d ago

i want this on ps3 in europe.......

beavis4play3150d ago

if not, i'll be forced to import it. come on sony......bring this game to NA and europe!

Myst3150d ago

How it is so hard to get this game :(

Ryo-Hazuki3150d ago

My imported copy will be arriving I can wait

redsquad3150d ago

Cheapest I can find the English-language version on Ebay (with a BIN price) is £53. Bit too steep for me right now.:(

Towers763150d ago

I imported this game back in the last week of March and am I ever glad I did. Now it's hopelessly back ordered or it's selling for $80 a copy. If this isn't proof enough that North American and European PS3 owners want rpgs then truly the most clueless idiots are running the various branches of SCE. I have to believe that this game will see release both Stateside and in Europe based on the demand for the import. And if so, hopefully without dumbing down the gameplay.