Left 4 Dead, by the Numbers

The Left 4 Dead blog writes:

"Valve has always seen the value in gathering real-world gameplay data and using it to improve our products. Now we're hoping you'll find it as useful as we do. With the creation of the L4D stats page, our customers will now be able to see a wide variety of gameplay data across all of Left 4 Dead's various game modes.

Use the stats page to track your performance; see which aspects of your gameplay are improving over time, which are your go-to weapons, and how often you use various characters and features."

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Gue13305d ago

Whatever, this game's way too overrated. Seriously.

mboojigga3305d ago

Yet you find the time to leave a comment for it. Wonder why that is that somthing that is of no interest some how gets you here to comment on it. How hard is it to simply let go.

Spike473305d ago

But I played the game and it was fun, I would give it around an 85/100 or probably a bit more.

Major_Tom3305d ago

More of a PC game. It doesn't have the same feel for Xbox360.

Half-Mafia3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

so true Major.

but im still waiting for them to release the bloody SDK, so we can have a endless ammount of levels

TheIneffableBob3304d ago


Er, it's a Valve title. It was a huge release.

bobdog6263304d ago

It's out sold Killzone2 . check and see for yourself.

spike3304d ago

Is this game worth buying.

Spike473304d ago

Either way, the first comment I think was trying to imply that it was a hit that came out of nowhere because nobody expected it, he wasn't trying to belittle it.

don't be so paranoid.

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