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Two Big Microsoft annoucements breaking tonight and tomorrow night

So a little birdie just informed me of a hot new scoop. You know there's a Microsoft announcement expected sometime tommorrow right? Well not only will there be one, looks like MS are going to throw in two just for good measure.

Onten.net reports:
Two of the coolest Microsoft annoubreaking tonight and tomorrow nightcements since CES are going to be breaking tonight and tomorrow night, and we have exclusive video for both of them. So if you are online at 9:00PM PST tonight (midnight on the east coast) check in to get a full scoop on what your friends will be talking about tomorrow.

Wonder what it's going to be? (Industry, Xbox 360)

Update As expected the Xbox 360 Elite was the first announcement. But what could the next one be?

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blooodFrenzy92  +   2927d ago
METAL GEAR SOLID 4 AND FF13 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP PS3
ohh wouldnt that be great ff13 and mgs on xbox
eques judicii  +   2927d ago
yea that would be a huge upset and would never happen... microsoft would have to effectively buy square and konami for that to happen, which i doubt has/will ever happen. I think its maybe Cry-On and whatever Peter Jackson has been working on
shotty  +   2927d ago
I dont want the ps3 to "rip", just for sont to get a wake up call. I doubt any of the 3 are going anywhere. Microsoft tasting success, sony had it twice and assumed they would just get it. And nintenodo, well they have the pot right now.
techie  +   2927d ago
Microsoft are not allowed to announce that. If they did they would get in a huge legal battle - one in which they would lose.
zantetsuken  +   2927d ago
Keep dreaming. With PS3 selling over 600K in the UK, it's evident games like MGS4 will push units. PS3 exclusive it will remain.
MikeMichaels  +   2927d ago
Ok, my guess is.....
1. XboxLive Neighborhoods.

2. MS Game Studio's Big Little Planet!!!

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Dlacy13g  +   2927d ago
well....I wouldn't count on it.
the statement said 2 exclusives...I am assuming they mean MS exclusives.
Bill Nye  +   2927d ago
"Two of the coolest Microsoft annoucements since CES are going to be breaking tonight and tomorrow night, and we have _exclusive video_ for both of them."

By "exclusives" they mean their own exclusive video of the announcements. Also, we don't even know if this has ANYTHING to do with videogames.

In fact, now I don't even know why I clicked "Approve". Stupid me.
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MySwordIsHeavenly  +   2927d ago
This is so misleading.

They said EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! Nothing about exclusive games...

where is everyone getting the exclusive thing?
techie  +   2927d ago
PS. might be nothing to do with the 360.
kewlkat007  +   2927d ago
It might be about the Netflix deal.. and some other things, then again it might be squat.
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Lacarious  +   2927d ago
if it'snot FF relate... it's not big news.
gta_cb  +   2927d ago
i hope
its something like an exclusive and hmmm IPTV! lol yeh if IPTV was announced 2morrow intime for the elite release.. (sometime in April) then it would make my day :P i would even go down and buy a remote, which i also want as i run Media Center with Windows Vista :P

hmmm... could be the release date of Halo 3 beta... although i dont see a beta as being "Microsoft breaking annoucements"... hmmm... i will deff be logging in 2morrow then :P
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JasonXE  +   2927d ago
I can guess
Xbox 360 Elite obvious...

Next one is a bit shady with it either being something about spring update but that could go a long with the 360 elite message (IPTV). That or MS acquired a final fantasy title but that one we already knew since last year. Hmmm maybe they showered money on square to make a final fantasy 7 remake exclusive to the 360. If so then I could honestly careless about the other ff's.
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NextGen24Gamer  +   2927d ago
They will announce the xbox 360 Elite
They have already told retailers....and my relative at EB games told me that they are waiting now for how many units will be pre sold per store. This most definately is the news. It will be officially announced. Now, what the second announcement is.....I have no clue. But we will see....

BTW....the reason there are claims of the ps3 version of oblivion having sharper textures, its due to the hdmi hook up vs the componant hook up. HDMI does make things a tad sharper and gives a cleaner overall digital picture. Its not huge...but its notible for sure. I can't wait for my Black xbox 360 Elite. Maybe they will also announce the hdmi adapter cable for the current 360's.....
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techie  +   2927d ago
What was all this "it makes no difference at all" that I was hearing...i was starting to believe that...
Tut  +   2927d ago
Have fun with it Gamer. =)

Post a pic of it when you get it! I want to see what it looks like in a real entertainment center, not promo or leak pics.
Premonition  +   2927d ago
xbox360 elite shown in action and Halo 3 beta next month.
OldSchoolGamer  +   2927d ago
My money is on...
Elite 360 and details. The big shocker though: MGS4 coming to 360 (based on not being listed exclusive in insomniac rant). Halo 3 beta is good second bet as well, not sure next month but date of it for sure!
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Bill Nye  +   2927d ago
That's because he listed exclusive franchises from first and second parties.
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Violater  +   2927d ago
MGS not listed
B/c it isn't a first party title
OldSchoolGamer  +   2927d ago
Makes sense
money for annoucement 2 on Halo 3 beta or release date then.
Mighty Boom  +   2927d ago
Why the hell did you choose your pic for your avatar?? This is not myspace pole smoker... Get a life.
techie  +   2927d ago
Why are you using yours? Kidding lol.
OldSchoolGamer  +   2927d ago
Wait a minute just realized he admitted he's first party in that article
When listing first party titles: "Add to this Sony’s new line up of first-party titles, including Heavenly Sword, Lair, Motorstorm, Resistance: Fall of Man..."
OldSchoolGamer  +   2927d ago
RE: Mighty Boom
Lol deepbrown said it never mind.
BubblesDAVERAGE  +   2927d ago
I belive it will stay on playstaion if im wrong I will buy and elite just because Im wrong.....
Ravenator529  +   2927d ago
Agree with the majority...
Its gotta be news on the new "blackbox" 360, and as for the second night, who knows.

I really can't get a read on what it could be. Halo 3 beta news or an exclusive jump wouldn't suprise me if it were either one.

I guess we will have to wait and see.

Or this whole thing could be a hoax and nothing more.

Either way, I won't find out until tomorrow morning.
JasonXE  +   2927d ago
mgs is a better bet
considering how Konima(sp?) is so chummie with MS these days. TURTLE POWER!!
MoonDust  +   2927d ago
I can see it now.
"Hey here is the Elite 360! Woo.
Ohh and BTW, we've purchase Sony."
JustCallMeDaddy  +   2927d ago
THAT'S NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!
OldSchoolGamer  +   2927d ago
kewlkat007  +   2927d ago
Ok what about this News
MS + Netflix + IBM technology = we don't need HD DVD format after all.


The next Xbox will have this Chip..HA

I always knew this format war was done before it got started.
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Kyur4ThePain  +   2927d ago
How's that working out for you?
Would LOVE to see you move 160GB a sec on your internet connection.
JasonXE  +   2927d ago
need a bigger hard drive
you can download games/movies in 1 second. Should be interesting to see how this develops... nice find..a bubble for you.
BIadestarX  +   2927d ago
Do you people think that it's a coinsidence that they are doing a big update on xbox live today? They say it will not be anything we will notice, but it may be some new features that developers will probably will be able to developed against. Who knows, I am really hopping for an integrated clan manager.
swordmasterphoen  +   2927d ago
It'll probably has to do with the "Elite" 360. However, the second announcement could easily be something Halo related.

If it has to do with 3rd party exclusives, though; I think it would probably be from Namco Bandai, as IGN 360 has been hinting on Namco Bandai "PS3"-Exclusive titles coming multi.

Anyways, we'll wait and see...
Lygre  +   2927d ago
Xbox 360 Elite
I bet MS will be announcing the new black Xbox 360 Elite console. Probably giving out all the specs, price and date. Another thing they might announce tomorrow will be that they got FF XIII over to 360, allthough I don't believe that before I hear it from MS themselves.

The XBL maintenance that's nearly finished now might be just a bit more than maintenance. You never know. Maybe they'll throw in a surprise or two. Let's just wait'n see, shall we?

I got 10 bucks on that 360 Elite thing tomorrow...
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2927d ago
should be very interesting.
can't wait.hey top gamer,not that i couldn't do it myself.but maybe you can buy 6 more elite 360s to add to the other 6 regular 360s.that's how they will win.
Husso  +   2927d ago
finally gonna recall their defective console.
consolewar  +   2927d ago
I know what it is.....
it's Ridge Racer RIIDGE RACEEER. In a more serious note what could it be?

edit* husso that's funny, lol. omg Imagine that Massive Recall, that would be some massive damage to M$'s weak point.
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WTF  +   2927d ago
Duh!! 360 ELITE and 1 of 3: a Microsoft Game Studios game(maybe KILLER INSTINCT 3) it was announce one time,since that no more news about the game or the other is a PS3 "exclusive game coming to the 360 if not the third would be a partner deal between Microsoft and a big japanese developer.
shotty  +   2927d ago
I really want a new trailer for banjoo kazooie, maybe something to do with the gta4 trailer going up midnight tommorow.
BubblesDAVERAGE  +   2927d ago
Quit copying!!!!"
M$ loves to copy sony they got HDMI now they want it they got bigger HDD now they want a bigger one..
Ps3007  +   2927d ago
Black Xbox 360 Muah ah hah consider the white Xbox 2.5 like we ALL said
Ha Ha go an update your consoles...
power of Green  +   2927d ago
I was going to skip posting on this thread all together, I agree.

#1 New XBOX360 elite will be anounced.

#2 News on the spring update/upgrade.
BillKills_ Vol_1  +   2927d ago
allexx_2  +   2927d ago
u might be right...
mrperrect1976  +   2927d ago
here we go
it will be the announcement of the elite plus something amazing, i can see it being a date for the halo 3 beta or star wars battlefront 3 exclusive, iv been hearing loads about how ea are very unhappy with Sony so maybe something there, really not sure but you can bet anything one will be the elite console, plus i hope they tell us it has more than what rumors have been saying, i think maybe hd=dvd or something along those lines... heres hoping
highps3  +   2927d ago
Microsoft COPIED Sony's HDMI! LMAO OWNED.... Go an update your console it will happen every YEAR!
HA HA HA Now whose spending more? You STILL dont have Wifi OR High Def movie player....

Atleast now you can all stop clogging your network from streaming music all the time!
badkolo  +   2926d ago
this stinks, ms stinks
I love my 360 and was such a big supporter, but this stinks, i even got banned from the place i call home last night over at teamxbox becuase i was flipping otu on how MS screwed up
and they did

the elite is a great deal for 479 but still no wifi even though its not needed your making an elite console you better add that but they didnt.no wireless headset either so basically its a hdmi console since you can buy a 120g hd sepertly

in order to get hdmi you must buy an elite instead of turning all consoles into hdmi supported.

Then they have the balls to keep the 20g hd at 99 bucks and then charge 180 bucks for a 120g hd, biggest rippoff ever

why force a 120g at 180bucks on people, dont you want more peopel to keep downloading movies and tv shows, dont you want people to use your iptv service, well dont you, well if so then wh not make a 60 gig at a cheaper price so more people would be inclined to geta larger HD why force them to get a 180 bucks HD

people say but you dont have to buy it, well at 180 bucks many cant afford it you morons.

if it was 60gig at 90 bucks many more would be inclined ot buy it you retarted asswipes.

How dare they do this. yes i know that in the elite you get 100 gigs for only 79 bucks so everyone that just bought a 360 is screwed, and if they want a larger hdrive they just priced this 120g hd out of the ballpark after they just spent 400 plus tax and 50 for live and maybe a game

all movies cost all tv shows cost,pics themes everything costs money so why would you charge 180 bucks for a hd that yu want mor epeople to use and pay for more content

MS will lose becuase of this mark my words.

now dont go getting upset at me, i have over 30 360 games, i have a ps3 with 3 games, i love gaming
I love my 360 i love its functionality, i like th elite system,i have a hddvd and understand why ms didnt include a hddvd, but a 180 buck 120gig hd is a rippoff, so you either get a 100 buck 20g or a 180 doallr one. if oyu dont think that 180 bucks for more space isnt crazy then you are crazy

like i said we use these larger drives to dowenload mor econtent we PAY for and we PAY for the abiltiy to PAY for more content.
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TheMART  +   2926d ago
You pay 50 bucks a month for Live?

Do you even own a 360 dude?
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