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sinncross3213d ago

4 player split screen?????

I'm sold!!!!

Some wonky scores there though, oh well.

green3213d ago

I was sold once i found out that it's from Bizarre creations.With NFS:Shift and Fuel both looking promising and Blur and Forza 3 hopefully dropping this year, then 09 might just be the year of the racing game.

PSP23213d ago

its also on ps3 and pc,yessss thank you microsoft for screwing up

Mr Face Creamer3213d ago

Are you talking about? It says that the Project Gotham team is working with bizzare.

Typical Sony fanboys, can't see the sun even if it was right in front of them.

info3213d ago

the project gotham team is working with Bizarre !...Lol ...u`ve been smoking something. its the same place alrite and yes they do multiplatform

Mr Face Creamer3213d ago

"There will just be 9 story cut-scenes (one for every city?), produced by the same agency as Gears of War 2 (sadface)"

Really? I thought the Gears 2 cutscenes were amazing.

I see Bionic Commando isn't doing well. Just as I have expected.

kwyjibo3213d ago

How many more four letter words can we use for racing games? Spin? Gear?

HipHopGamer to investigate.