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Submitted by DC RID3R 3241d ago | news

Sony Responds to Impending Xbox 360 Elite Announcement

With Microsoft's announcement of the HDMI-enbled Xbox 360 Elite coming tomorrow, Sony has wasted absolutely no time in responding. Says Peter Dille, senior VP of marketing:

"We think every PlayStation 3 owner should have an "elite" experience, which is why we include an internal hard drive and HDMI output in every PS3 we sell, along with the 50 GB of storage capacity on a high definition Blu-ray disc. Sony has been the strongest advocate of high definition as the future of next-generation gaming. This requires high-definition components, including HDMI output, and large storage devices to deliver and store all that rich and vivid HD content. Microsoft's announcement today not only legitimizes Sony's PS3 strategy, it moves us closer to adopting universal standards in the area of high definition gaming that will benefit game developers and ultimately the end user. (Industry, PS3, Xbox 360)

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techie  +   3241d ago
lol **edit***What I was laughing at was Sony already jumping on Microsoft and making puns like "we like to offer an elite experience from the begining" if you don't think that's funny then ok. I like watching the battle between the two companies and what they b*tch about each other. SOme of you guys need to lighten up.

The console war is for Microsoft and Sony. We can sit back and watch enjoying our games and laugh at them fighting it the end producing better gaming consoles and services for us.
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consolewar  +   3241d ago
I'll have to agree...
this was a mistake on Microsoft's part. Where are you Mart & company?
Maybe this week will belong to the Sony camp.
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Texas GMR  +   3241d ago
...look at all the Sony fanboys go'n crazy over this!
Go ahead and lash out, we understand, all you guys have had since the PS3 launch is bad news. Catch up! Please! We just have better options than you, that's all. (at a cheaper price)

Sorry about that deepbrown, it was directed to the people below, not to you.
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MikeMichaels  +   3241d ago
I gotta admit....
Thats one "very" slick, well worded press release right there. Pushed all the right buttons but never crosses that line.

...Hell, he even throws a smooth backhanded compliment at MS for helping them (and the industry) in "..adopting universal standards in the area of high definition gaming that will benefit game developers and ultimately the end user"
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MrFurious  +   3240d ago
Viva Playstation 3 !
He has got the right words, perfect answer and just saying the truth: M$ recognizes their late position in HD, by just trying to copy their leader...Sony.
M$, as an american company is always using unfair and aggressive marketing tools against their feared rival Sony , these practices become really boring and people now understand that marketing is not making the hardware best, but games do.
kring  +   3240d ago
After reading that stupid PR I said the exact same thing you did... Who falls for Sony's bullshiz?

If I had any power in Sony I'd fire them all, these people don't know how to speak to the public at all, we're not idiots, who buys that crap! we think every Ps3 owner should have an elite experience.. Man heads should roll on that comment.

Your Fired for talking to our customers like they are retadz!

Reminds me of how these whores we have to call flight attendants speak to the customers. loud and clear go f your self sir, no peanuts for you , but they do it with that fake smile and hide behind the power they have been given which prevents you from slapping that grin off their face.
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zantetsuken  +   3240d ago
This is war isn't just for MS and Sony. It deeply effects the consumer. It will result in exclusives, next-gen HD format, online pricing, and much more.
ps3gogetitt  +   3241d ago
and sony lets not forget A HIGH DEF CABLE PACKAGE!!!!!! you rob me you you you, robbers
Bleyd  +   3240d ago
Just call me clueless
I don't get your reference to the high def cable package. Explain it to me real quick?
Sphinx  +   3241d ago
MS is about giving the consumer choice. Not everyone will have a need for HDMI or HDD. Why pay for something if you don't need it? For example, I will never buy a box of tampons. Why? Because I'll never need them... but what if I have a reason for it in the future (i.e. I grow a mangina)? I can go out and buy some then.
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   3241d ago
keep tellin yourself that.
it won`t make your system any better.

buy the next 360.
cause you got ripped on the 1st
kingboy  +   3241d ago
choice?time`s up! no more mr nice guy from me,i`ll finish u with just 1 bubble
Did microsoft give you choice when she scr@wed original xbox 1 owners by ending game support? Just accept they`re playing catch up ..You can`t fool sony fans my dear,microsoft scr@ws them over so they go run precipitating onto a new system .we all know why xbox 360 sold 9 million(broken consoles resulting in double purchase and now a new elite version within a year screwing them even more}
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AseBoogie4132  +   3241d ago
you wont buy tampons cuz u'll never have a girl..
n4g sucks  +   3241d ago
preach!! they still make dreamcast games, but not xbox.hahahahahaha
BubblesDAVERAGE  +   3241d ago
All I hear
U Xbotzxs are full of this crap who doesnt want a HDD who dosent want to go online...why not have HDmI...U are full of it....Just like games for windows...u have to get vista right...I want to play online for free thats a choice y cant u do that free on xbox....Y I always gotta buy something extra to do something else ....huh????
InMyOpinion  +   3240d ago
Did you say your name was Ben Dover?
I just wanted the best console for games and got it. Don't care about Bluray (bend over, please) or HDMI and I don't want to pay for something I won't use. I don't see the point in spending twice the amount of money (that's the price of the Ps3 compared to the 360 premium in Sweden) to be forcefed an "elite experience" that won't do anything for me or my gaming experience (HDMI but no cables, time to bend over again!). The 360 premium has everything I could ask for.

It's like you're telling yourself that the Ps3 is better than it is just because it's more expensive.

- What do we get for 600 dollars?
- Ev-ry-ting yu wann!
- Everything?
- Ev-ry-ting!
rowdy 1  +   3240d ago
They screwd up by making the wrong choice. I will not buy another damn 360. Sony seems to have made all the right choices all along.
JIN KAZAMA  +   3241d ago
hell yea sony, KICK
MS's ASSS!! Those fool are trying HARD to play catchup on our PS3. They even have made the elite BLACK. The Elite is STILL a stripped down version of the PS3. Only thing is the bigger HDD. Damn, you Xbox zombies will fall for ANYTHING!!
See you on motorStorm.
Kal-El1217 = PSN.
Leo Atrox  +   3241d ago
Did I Miss Something?
Is Sony commenting on Xbox 360 rumors, or was an announcement finally made?
AseBoogie4132  +   3241d ago
announcement was made..
Leo Atrox  +   3241d ago
I didn't know the announcement was made. Haven't seen anything about it yet. Thanks for the update.
ClayPige0n  +   3241d ago
Anyone else not find it absolutely hilarious that Microsoft was downplaying these features as "unnecessary and irrelevant" just a year ago?
Leo Atrox  +   3241d ago
As far as I know, Microsoft still feels that HDMI and a larger HDD are unnecessary. The fact that their offering them as options doesn't indicate that Microsoft thinks they're necessary. It may just be that a large company actually listens to consumers. We asked for HDMI and a larnger hard drive, and POOF! Here it is.
jwatt  +   3241d ago
Then why hasn't Ms offered this option in the beginning and screwed the early adopters?
sak500  +   3241d ago
No i find the following more hilarious

"Rumble is last gen", "PS3 will instill discpline in childern and adults", "4d gaming", "Riiiiiiiiiiggggeeeeeeee Racccccccccer", "Massive damage", "Based on historic battles..and now a giant crab", "PS3 is next-next gen", etc etc..

And my fCUKing SONY 50" TV bought for $2300 doesnt have an HDMI so they can shove the HDMI standard up their a$$
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Keyser  +   3240d ago
^^^ My 60" $2500 Sony has 3 HDMI inputs. You should do more research before you buy expensive electronics.
My PS3 has HDMI and my 360 has VGA component cables. I will not purchase another 360. I would have bought the Elite if it originally came out with HDMI. I do feel slighted a bit. My opinion...
BIadestarX  +   3241d ago
"We think every PlayStation 3 owner should have an “elite” experience, which is why we [charge everyone for adding it; also since we our TV only support 1080p thru HDMI and not VGA or components it's not much of a choice. We are primarily interested in pushing blu-ray and are using the playstation as a trojan horse which is why we are forcing people to adopt our propietary format. Imagine the PS3 without HDMI? Imagine a Blu-ray player without HDMI?] wow, sometimes it would be nice if they would be more honest.

Also, I would like to point out that I must rather prefer Microsoft to upgrade the console as they move foward (like adding HDMI) instead of removing parts suchs as Sony did with the emotion chip.

Also, how long is the 360 being out? one year and half. I would hate having to pay $600 back then for something I am not even using today such as HDMI. Also, I will be laughing my @$$ off when they release the specs on the new 360 SKU when you see 65mm and a newer HDMI version of the PS3 one.
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smeg0rz  +   3240d ago
Keyser  +   3240d ago
I think you may be missing the point. Rushed to markey its scaled down system to get the one year lead as opposed to doing it right the first time. That's not cool.
If Sony came out with the PS3 Elite with a the same GPU as the 360 and the same amount of RAM for $670 next year, I would be PISSED! You're telling me for a mere $70 more I could have had that little bit extra to make my system better but didn't, that's not cool. That's how I feel about the Elite 360.

They could have come out with it before but chose not to. They didn't give me the choice of 3 systems, they had 2 to choose from. I've bought my system and now that time has passed. I will not go through the hassle of selling my Premium to buy and Elite that I would have purchased in the first place.

I read in the latest Game Informer that MS could offer free stuff on Xbox live like the PSN and many developers want to but MS wont let them because they want users to get used to BUYING every little thing. That article left a bad taste im my mouth...
SuperSaiyan4  +   3241d ago
Nice dev kit
Just to let everyone know the 360 dev kit does not have a chrome tray and eye spy with my little eye in the pic its a dev kit lol!

Anyhow just so Sony knows since they are losing all their exclusive in the HD era one must give the gamer HD cables...and what about a long enough charging cable huh? lol.
n4g sucks  +   3241d ago
Microsoft’s announcement today not only legitimizes Sony’s PS3 strategy, its a straight up the Xbox360 going through a identity crisis????? is bill scared that having all the money in the world will not win him a console war??? if you cant beat them....join um!!! with the change to black , the addition of a reasonable sized hd and hdmi, then ad a few popular PS ports, it sure looks like wannabe ps3 to me... RE: assassin 36o. the xbox came out of no were( no roots) so they copied EVERY ONE.. then took the hd from their pc expeirence and poof....crappy pc games on a console.. MS first failure in to the console world.
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ASSASSYN 36o  +   3241d ago
And the ps3 still is failing and 360 is reaping the rewards. And who copied who last gen to this gen again. If I recall xbox was the first to implement a harddrive on a console and first to offer a working on-line network with HD support up to 720p. The 360 is the first console to offer two variations at launch. And STILL offers to variation being the core is canceled. Sony First to use dvd format and boo-ray for gaming everything including the memory card copied. Nintendo got ripped off. Xbox-live no sony tried to rip that but failed developers of games with on-line for ps3 incure the cost you don`t pay to play for the illusion of what is free. Nothing is free. And it is funny I have an option on my 360 to execute 1080p.
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Husso  +   3241d ago
poor xbots... one gets a inferior console... other gets a wannabe ps3 lol
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   3241d ago
cracks in the armor.
buy the "elite"
both your xbrokes360`s still won`t match the ps3.
get ready for a 3rd.


power of Green  +   3241d ago
I wish Sony would get off their high def HDMI horse. HDD seems to be designed in a way that could be adjusted depending on if future services and features became successful. only an idiot whould not understand this. Whats really sad is despite all this!; MS's "testing the waters" aprouch seems to be working better than Sony's all or nothing aprouch. Careful planning is paying off when it come to getting more next-gen console to the consumers.
techie  +   3241d ago
Lol...his comments made me laugh...and then all you guys are just something else with either guys trying to validate the elite or trying to suck it to em. It's so amusing.

I will say this. The elite is a good idea...but it is too expensive without wifi for it to be competitive against basically gets rid of their price advantage.
ps3gogetitt  +   3241d ago
be fair guys
Sony also said rumble is last gen......
Violater  +   3241d ago
Which is why immersion has made New gen "Rumble" Haptics technology.
And like Phill said "we were in litigation what did u expect me to say"
Lol Classic
jwatt  +   3241d ago
Ok your right
So Ms and Sony are even but how much is a controller and how much is an elite 360.
bombzombie  +   3241d ago
Sony Rumble Controllers
I've been looking to pick up Sony Rumble controllers. Are they out yet? I could really use them on my racing games for my PS3.
Rockstar  +   3241d ago
May have to get a 360 now...
even though all the fanboys have kind of turned me off of it.

I'll wait a little longer....I've got the PS3 and oblivion to keep me busy.
AseBoogie4132  +   3241d ago
how's that oblivion?
AseBoogie4132  +   3241d ago
MS is just tryna keep the lead they have infront of the ps3, they dont want to loose this generation, they came out first got their fanbase boomin and they don't wanna loose their edge..
ps3gogetitt  +   3241d ago
but soon
we shall see rumble support, and don't pretend like we don't know that MS brought this out just to compete with apple tv with their IPTV service... which will be an interesting battle..
kewlkat007  +   3241d ago
You might be right mate
Plus the deal with Netflix.. to sweeten things. I love my 360 right now.
PS3n360  +   3240d ago
not much of a battle there
As far as I can gather the apple solution is not HD it probably would have done better a few years back but if it isnt hd it aint for me. Apple sucks harder than MS for locking out 3rd party companies to control the market with their shiny white toys for rich kids
Dlacy13g  +   3241d ago
I will be the first to say .....
I never agreed with MS's strategy to make a console w/out a hard drive. I get the choice argument...but make a baseline console w/ a 2 or 5gb drive, just something other than no HDD on the core because to me that was a poor decision.
LSDARBY  +   3241d ago
this is just too funny, when blu-ray wins the format ware in a year - year and a half. and devs are complaining about space are they going to release a a blu-ray enabled 360 lol
jwatt  +   3241d ago
oh you right
It's going to be like 5 differnt versions of the 360.
power of Green  +   3241d ago
Lets move on now everything about the PS3 is fron the Wii and the 360. PS3 is a watered down hybrid of Wii and 360 talk about identity crisis I guess you have to have a identity before you can have a identity crisis. I heard you guys can DL stuff while playing games what will be next.

#20.1 whats yours?; use your brain it will come to you in due time.

Calm down what i said is true MS has pulled PS3 into the future it just makes me laugh when i see you people trying to make what i think are points, you seem to be bothered buy it more than 360 fans as if you would ever own a 360 in the first place.

What i think is that this bothers you because the 360 matches the PS3 in ways you guys think give PS3 an edge as if the masses give a sh*t,i also think It bothers Sony aswell.

20.2 whatever you say you little rabid child. Youpeople need mental help not video games.
#20 (Edited 3241d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Blackmoses  +   3241d ago
and your point?
Are you too simple minded to see what they are doing? First there would never be any games running in full 1080p, then why push Blue-Ray on the consumers, then HDMI is not a necessary for HD quality games only a quarter of the consumers have sets that are HD capable, Then Compression and DVD-9 is all you need....shall I go on?

Microsoft has repeatedly put foot in mouth. Must taste like chicken!! LMFAO!!!

Now all the crap they tried to sling at Sony for thier buisness model and philosophy, they are now trying to implement.

PS3 a water down version of th Wii and your fanboyism goes deep huh? So deep you know not what you say.

First off, why did Microsoft first get in the buisness of video games? Who is Sony and Nintendo.

Microsoft blunders for $800 Alex.

Who would they compare their buisness model too, as far as what to include and offer? Who is Sony and Nintendo.

Microsoft blunders for $1000 Alex.
Daily Double....

Why did Microsoft feel the need to create another version of the 360 a year after launch? What is denial Alex.

Congrats you todays IDIOT!!!
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n4g sucks  +   3241d ago
re: the power of having no green
i think you are having a idenity crisis, deep deep down know you want a ps3 but the power of green is not on your side ( aka..a scrub ) watered down??? the wiicube is a tickle me elmo and the xbox360 is a fire hazard. adding both together and you have one laughing and saying wiiiiiii.....while the other one is burning and scratching discs. 25mil xbox fans vs 120mil ps fans??? thats not a war...thats murder!!! re: Power of green. you need something better to do with your day(job,friends, a girlfriend, a dog, bingo) because NO ONE at n4g likes you ( hint,hint )
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Donkey Slayer  +   3241d ago
MS gives the choice of a split userbase
just like PC's. I'm shocked.
bigj  +   3241d ago
your fuking idiots. Playing catchup I have not heard anything about the PS3 getting IPTV. If any ones playing catchup its Sony. Who has sold 10 million consoles? I will help you out its not Sony. If I am not mistaken last week the ps3 got its ten millionth update so PS3 owners could download content while running a disc. 360 owners have had that luxury for a long time. The few games yall ps3 idiots are playing are 360 ports that we have already played. So who is playing catch up again?
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smeg0rz  +   3240d ago
i waited ages for background downloading after i got my 360, with my ps3 i got it and it was done for europe launch. Also i cud easily buy it, instead of waiting for a age until the 360 was in stock? M$ fanboys are the virus to the video game world, you can totally tell who's the more mature audience :)
Juevani  +   3241d ago
and whats gonna happen to the 10 mill who already owns an xbox 360?? what a stupid and greedy company.. thanks Sony for the $900 fully nex-gen ready console that we get to buy for $599...
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Mighty Boom  +   3241d ago
Thanks Sony!
Because of you I will have a elite 360!! What ever works!
PSN Starfleets  +   3241d ago
Yay, only $599!

Can you buy me one?
Mighty Boom  +   3241d ago
Its $479 pole smoker...
Ru  +   3241d ago
sounded to me like sony is recomending the ELITE
THAMMER1  +   3241d ago
Sony fans meet your father.
His name is mini PS3. He is happy. Your purchase as secured him with the true next gen experience =]

Related video
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Drew  +   3241d ago
The amount of idiocy in this topic is astounding.
THAMMER1  +   3241d ago
I know drew.
It is like a circus.
bombzombie  +   3241d ago
It's much worse than that.

Anybody know when Sony will be releasing those rumble controllers and putting an IPTV function in their system?
spacetoilet  +   3241d ago
Microsoft just fu(ked all existing 360 owners up the a$$.

Listen to the MS chicks trying to spin this crap with words like....'choice'. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
You guys are a joke.
Optimus Prime  +   3241d ago
douche bag..
tell me how they are screwing me over when i dont have the need for hdmi??? i would love to know that, you are a sony fanboy, you seem like you know everything there is to know. inform me how i and other people without the need of hdmi are getting screwd.
Armyless  +   3241d ago
Is it just me or....
Is the Elite starting to seem more and more like a PS3?
Tut  +   3241d ago
I am remaining neutral in this entire debate (I won't be speaking my opinion at least) but I want to point something out to you. Something you may want to avoid in the future.

"You PS3 diehards are making it sound like this is replacing something. IT ISN'T! The premium will then be replaced..."

Yeah, I think you get what I am throwing your way. If nothing is replaced then no problem, right? I wouldn't follow up that comment with "The premium will then be replaced" because it contradicts the statement you just made.

Then your comment about IPTV being the pushing factor behind this HDMI enabled "Elite" console and how supposedly Microsoft isn't forcing an HD format on its userbase. If that isn't Microsoft NOT planning ahead then it is Microsoft looking to gain more money from its userbase by implementing an HD service and recommending a newer version of their already newly released system to provide better playback quality. I personally wouldn't play that game of upgrading, but I don't care if other people want to.

I am not meaning to attack you, but realize there are a LOT of fallacies in your statements. Also, I think the beef that the "PS3 diehards" have is that they get everything and more from the initial launch of their product while Microsoft is trying to upgrade its console to something they decided to implement, which could have easily been avoided if they waited to release, put more thought into the future progression of their product, or just didn't be so publicly c@cky about issues that were supposed to be downfalls of the PS3 when they are implementing the same features they downplayed.

It is just confusing babble from Microsoft really. I would sit back and ask them, "Are you done yet?"

Some people talk about Sony and how it is deceitful for them to not announce that the PS Store would be available immediately on launch for some areas instead of everyone just finding out after they buy it, but I wonder why those same people don't feel the same about the Elite. Why didn't Microsoft announce this when they launched the original console so people wouldn't have to debate this issue now?

To push consoles and make sales, that's why. =)

I am all for progressing the industry, but don't do it in miniscule amounts that causes a lot of wasteful spending amongst consumers. Come barreling out of the gate with all sorts of new and improved stuff.

Well, I guess I did offer some of my opinion. Regardless, I think most people want stable products, and this Elite shows a degree of instability no matter how you look at it. Not that it isn't useful, but it would be annoying and expensive to upgrade every year or so... right PC gamers? =)

Sh!t... I am a PC gamer, too. Damn myself!
##? (Edited 3241d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Tut  +   3241d ago
No, I understood everything you wrote perfectly, I was responding about your wording. I do appreciate your civil response to my response though, and I mean that sincerely. I couldn't care less that Microsoft is releasing another console that is mildly upgraded to compliment a service they are implementing though. It just makes me see the Xbox for what it truly is... a Microsoft product. That is no dis to the Xbox by the way, there is just a noticeable pattern in Microsoft's business tactics.

Still you have to question its usefulness because they are releasing it as the new premium. Should Microsoft have included this at launch? I would say so. HDMI was widely available and plausible to use, so why stay with older technology? And if you say it doesn't require any of the new upgrades to play it then why release it at all? Sure, it will appeal to the "hardcores" and possible the new purchasers down the road (which could be beneficial for Microsoft), but to the current consumers it could easily cause some unrest and discontent, which is never a good thing for any company.

Rumble is a weak excuse if people want to throw that up when/if Sony re-implements it, but if they want to do it have at it I am all game for a laugh at them. A $50 controller vs. $450+ console is a HUGE difference, plus Sony's Phil Harrison openly admitted that it was Sony's fault that they went against it because of obvious reasons while the best Microsoft has done so far is, "If the consumers want it we'll give it to them in the future." It would be much more honorable if they said, "Look, we should have made this stuff standard, but we screwed up. Can you forgive us?" but instead they pin it on the customer and their supposed desires.

It all boils down to two questions:

"If these new upgrades are not necessary but rather a luxury, is it really necessary or even plausible to release this new upgraded Xbox360?"


"Was the head start really worth it, Microsoft?"

There will most likely be varying opinions within those questions, but eventually they will be solidly answered. It's up to you to honestly answer those questions for yourself and make your future decisions off of them.
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forget_123  +   3240d ago
Hi, here is something i thought of.
I didnt read the whole follow up posting from you guys , but actually i stopped after reading few comments about that this is a "more choice" / "option" that MS gives to us.

Ok here is what i thought about this. First.. get real... and think the reality. Even you consider yourself as a owner of one of the 9-10 million xbox360. How can you say that "i never need a HDMI cz i am good with what i have now and i dont have hdtv to support it." .. this comment is totally good for "yourself" .

what about others who purchased the system? how many of them are actually having hdtv ? how many of them actually would prefer the elite if and only if this elite make available last year when the box launch? I dont know and you dont know. but i am almost certain that there are some of those who had that enviornment and $$ ..etc to get elite at the first time launching of box.

So, does that still make sense of a choice? if it's just a modification of it's shape, it's color it's whatever cover or things does not have any affect of the original game experience. good this is option.

now, the thing is , they have made things that would "possibly" require "some" of the version 1 user regret for their purchase.. oh well if "you" said "they" wont. then i am pretty sure you really "mr. know it all"

nobody knows how many, but there 9-10 million users who get the box 1 should have some of those with "ready" hd environment. Oh well.. who knows , maybe even some of them changed their tv over time? or maybe.. say.. some of them get their box today but then find an ads in the box told them a hdmi version coming later well.. u know what i mean.

Many possible combination is out there.. get real, dont think what "you" think is reality.

I didnt want to credit my comment as 100% true, but that's what i think at this moment.

Personally this action of MS does not gives me a good impression.. moreover, it would make me think more than i have to, if they ever launch a xbox720 in the future.. well who knows if there is gonna be another elite xbox720 ?

who know..s...

and good day, everyone,

this is my second post to the forum ever :)
OldSchoolGamer  +   3240d ago
Happy to see new people posting
Glad to have you on board. I think for new customers of the xbox 360 this will be a wonderful option. For the older customers, they are going to fall into one of two camps: the I don't care camp, would be nice to have, but I don't have either HDMI or HDTV in general. For the I don't have HDMI, they have the option of picking up the hard drive at the outrageous price of $180 (which I call outrageous because you can get 500 gigs for less in a computer HDD).
Those users can also use component and get very nice graphics a la Gears of War.

As for the users who feel left out, there should have been an upgrade option available to those users who want that HDMI functionality. For those users ALL IS NOT LOST! I would recommend trading your unit in to game store (depending on how much you can get for it), along with accessories or games for another older system and maybe even walking away with one for free or paying the difference in the cost of the Hard Drive alone. Another option sell it to a loved one,friend, or coworker at a discounted price, and then purchase the new one for little less than the hard drive. Option 3 keep unit pick up PS3, and use that with HDMI and compare the HDMI to component difference for Sh@ts and Giggles. Remember this is a hobby and not the end of the world.

"The poop stops here"
THAMMER1  +   3240d ago
I do not know why,.... but your post nade me think of this story.
Are you M.J.? J/k LOL

On topic: M$ knows what they are doing. Misery Loves Company.....just reading the post above lets you see who is unhappy this generation. People have big @ss chips on their shoulders and trying to spread that $#!t on around. I bet they still stamp out ant hills like 5 year olds.

Good post makes a lot of since.

Related video
##?.2 (Edited 3240d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
forget_123  +   3240d ago
Lol .. your video is nice. The moonwalker really makes me remember the good old days i play this game in some of those arcade center (um.. have the arcade version right.. if i did remember it wrong lol)

and ya, oldschoolgamer, i think there is always "solution" to whatever the outcome is. It justs gives me a sense of .. um.. should i purchase now or wait ?

anyway, it's no big deal to me, cz i didnt have a 360 or ps3 atm. not that rich for these thing yet and i am good with what i have now which is a ps2.

already too many games have to play.... i feel i should have 48 hours a day for gaming in order to finish them up .. before too much next gen game sunk me.. = = ... hahaha.

well this is a good forum reading some news, :)

although many people arguing... trying to tell others they are the only "truth"..etc haha .. but well, dont get too addicted to battel between platform... for me... spending too much time thinking evidence..etc is like take off my time from gaming lol... oh ya sure.. other things too lol...

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