Master Chief's Non-Authorized Activity

It appears Bungie's viral marketing is being set in motion. With the latest Bungie update theres a quicktime 360 view of the M12 Warthog, IGN points out if you slowly rotate the Warthog to the left, flashes of the following message appear:

"x.xx.713>ghost.713/non-auth/activity ongoing"

IGN points out the 713 number may reference something may happen on July 13, maybe a beta? This would be far after the "Spring" that was promised but we'll have to wait and see. IGN is asking for all your best theory's.

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consolewar3952d ago

nothing at all. This is just Halo 3 hype machine.

Drew3952d ago

And it involves you staying out of threads that you care nothing about.

grifter0243952d ago

HAHA true drew .. Hes an idiot.. But whatever happen in halo2 in Zanzibar?? The whole sign thing?? 7.7.07??? Cant wait Its crazy... I love the suspense....

The BS Police3952d ago

If you set your clock/or date to nothing but 7, you then go to Zanzibar, go to one of the no swimming signs and you will see Ling Ling's head (a common Bungie joke).