BeefJack: How long will you survive?

BeefJack writes: "Recently I went down to my local game shop to buy my forth, yes, forth copy of Left 4 Dead. The first three just kept freezing on the first loading screen, I'm not sure why, but they did. The reason I've brought it four times? It's damn awesome, and to play the recently available downloadable content (DLC) Survival Pack. It includes the new multiplayer mode 'Survival' in which you hold out against enough zombies to make you think there must be a huge doughnut shop near by due to the large amount of police officers going for your throat, as well as all of the civilian zombies, not to mention the soldiers, but lets not get side tracked by the undead's choice of attire. The DLC also includes the maps 'Dead Air' and 'Blood Harvest' available in Versus mode."

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