1UP: Dead to Rights: Retribution Preview

1UP writes: "When I see a Dead to Rights game, I expect a few things: lots of grisly weapon disarms, a fair amount of slow-motion bullet-time hijinks, and the liberal use of your dog, Shadow. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a demonstration of Dead to Rights: Retribution, and didn't see a dog anywhere on-screen.

I felt relieved when Shadow did, indeed, make an appearance later on. The reason he's absent in the mission I saw first is because Retribution is essentially a franchise reboot, and the first mission takes place before Jack and Shadow become the familiar man-and-K9 fighting team."

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yoshiroaka3513d ago

Wow never would have thought this would spawn a new installment in this gen.

I guess developers really are afraid of new IP's these days.
Really scraping the barrel altho the past dead to rights games werent too bad.

Would really like a Psi ops 2 like crazy tho. Loved that game

3513d ago