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Bubble Buddy3487d ago

Not bad, but still waiting for my party system GG so I just don't play solo :/

3487d ago
gaffyh3487d ago

Dunno if this is happening for anyone else, but it seems to be crashing for me online. The only matches it does into are the radec academy matches :(

50CALheadshot3487d ago

wow, someone is following me and disagreeing with me, no matter what i say.

this site is soo lame because of certain people

Max Power3487d ago

stop begging for bubbles and make useful comments, that is the way to get bubbles.

aksmashh3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

& They Still Havent Done It

Mofo Party System!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Yeah I Forgot There Own By Sony

vickers5003486d ago

@Max Power

No, the way to get bubbles is to agree with everyone else, all the time, no matter what. You cannot say anything neutral or anything differing in opinion from anyone on this site or you will lose bubbles. You are not allowed to HAVE an opinion on this site, unless it's the opinion of the n4g users.

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itchy183487d ago

"If you notice once the game is over they shortin time where you could get you're last kills within 10-15 seconds. Now it's within 3-5 seconds."

- waaaahhh!! nooooo!!!!

LukaX233487d ago

I'd prefer it be that way than being slapped in the face with our factions symbol for those 10-15 seconds.

snaz273487d ago

i did kinda enjoy getting that last kill in before the game finished but oh well i can live without it.... and i know im gonna get alot of disagrees for what im about to say but..... ok i love the game its awesome ive got all the offline trophies and many of the online ones too it just im a little disapointed that they charged for that map pack... and my reasons for that are there isnt many maps to begin with and just adding 2 extra for 5 quid seems abit hefty especially as they are heavily influenced by the single player maps. just would of been nice if the first dlc was free i think.... go on then shoot me down lol

karan86243487d ago

"and i know im gonna get alot of disagrees for what im about to say but....."

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Guess not, and i agree too. 6 dollars (5.99) is a lot to pay for 2 levels, both of which are VERY similar to the ones in the game. Maybe with new weapons or a new class, but 2/6 isnt the best price.

Rofflecopter3487d ago

two for $6 was a terrible price, but I paid it and i love the maps! i think $3.99 would have been a better deal. 2 bucks per map doesnt seem like it would have hurt Sony or GG much..

snaz273487d ago

ive seen people say even the slightest thing negative towards killzone 2 get a boat load of disagrees lol... but its not that i have anything really negative towards the game itself as ive mentioned i do love it... but im just disapointed with gg's decision to charge that much for that particular dlc... as you said if it had of had a new class or some new weapons then sure it would have been worth it... i really think they need to rethink their pricing and that goes to all developers not just gg... but then do they have to? if people are going to buy it then it will just continue and that is a sad fact really... like to put it into perspective i bought brain challenge for 10 quid but it included the psp version also... so you could say 5 quid each! 5 quid for a full game as opposed to 2 maps! how can that be justified? well i for one vote with my wallet and just refuse to buy such dlc and its a shame that devs alienate their fans with bad decisions and prices.

snaz273487d ago

i respect your decision to buy it and all, i mean its your choice what you do with your cash and all... but therein lies the problem, even though you thought it was exspensive for what it was you still bought it lol... i really think this download era is going crazy and will only get worse... in my mind something downloaded should be alot cheaper as they are saving alot of money in not making the physical product, cutting out the middle man, shipping costs etc... i think the day it goes to a download only buisness is the day i will bow out of the gaming world... what can i say i hate being ripped off.

ravinash3487d ago

There lies the dilemma.
We want to get behind great games so that they can make more. But we also want a fair price.
Yes the map is over priced which is why I haven't brought it yet (all though I'll probably break and will).

I think we're still in the early days of downloadable content so people still aren't sure how much the content is worth. Sometimes companies will push the price up because they think they can get more for it.
But when the price of the game is $60 or £30 and then just two extra maps are the price of 6% of the original game, it does seem a little out of touch.

Ju3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

I agree, the $6 is rather expensive (but then BP-Cops&Robbers $10!). And I bought it. It'll will be in a special for 3-4 bucks down the road at some point. AAA titles seams to give the companies the right to squeeze a little. The bad thing for the consumer is, it works. But then, the iphone...

BTW: Did that update fix the entry delay (interrupting the logo and such) work for you ? It doesn't for me...

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PotNoodle3487d ago

I got this yesterday, in EU.

red2tango3487d ago

i love guerilla cares about its games and is willing to provide us with quick updates. unfortunately slant six took forever to fix socom but its amazing now :) play these two games to the death !!!!

Face Palm3487d ago

Slant Six... what a disgrace

The_Zeitgeist3487d ago

SOCOM was never all that good to begin with. It was only as popular as it was because it was a PS2 exclusive. The PS2 was just not that great of an online system. So a game like SOCOM really stood out back in the day.

PotNoodle3486d ago


I disagree, socom is amazing and always has been. It wasn't just because it was a PS2 exclusive and ran great online.

pansenbaer3486d ago

Seriously, SOCOM was and still is an amazing franchise. It had nothing to do with it being exclusive. If you recall, the PS2 is home to a ridiculous amount of highly praised games, so saying SOCOM stood out is really giving it a tremendous compliment.

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jax073487d ago

The white blocks that tell you how many turrets or spawn grenades you have just randomly disappear and reappear at random. Sometimes I will start out with no turrets or spawn grenades at all and they wont appear for like 2 minutes.

Rofflecopter3487d ago

thats because the number of spawns and turrets is limited and shared among the team. If another tactician places two spawn points, no other tact can place one until one of the places disappears. same with turrets.

Kleptic3487d ago

4 turrets at once...2 spawns and 2 sentry bots at once...if they are not all available to you, others are using those abilities already...2 is fine...4 ground turrets is a bit retarded though, especially considering they waste sentry bots instantly...

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