Pocket God To Receive A Trilogy Of Updates & Price Hike writes:

"Pocket God started out as a very simple game that really only allowed you to interact with a few items within the islander's small world, but thanks to developer Bolt Creative's weekly updates, the game has become a fleshed out and extremely entertaining experience. Bolt Creative has even more exciting new elements in store for all of you Pocket God fans with a trilogy of updates.

Bolt Creative has decided to add even more depth to Pocket God by recently adding a brand new island to the mix as part of their planned trilogy of updates. This new island is intended to add a more serious story, turmoil, and in the end, redemption for the little islanders."

Sneak peek of next week's Tyrannosaurus update at the end of the Pocket God mashup video.

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FuzzyChinchilla3511d ago

the t-rex looks cute! but i didn't know humans and dinosaurs existed at the same time ;)