Why You Should Buy More "Older" Games

Ryan Rigney of Cinemablend explores why now might be the time to spend a little less cash on newer, more expensive games, and instead focus on totally awesome older games that have reached "budget-friendly" status.

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cyguration3516d ago

Yeah, because $60 for a new game kind of sucks right now.

RKRigney3516d ago

No kidding. I wish more games would come out at the $39.99 price point. Like Nuts & Bolts. That was such a good deal...

cyguration3516d ago

I'm no Rare fan but yeah...$39.99 is pretty reasonable.

There's only a few games worth $60 and most of them released aren't those games.

RKRigney3516d ago

Haha very true. Like Wolverine. $60 for a movie game? Are you kidding me?

cyguration3516d ago

I gotta give Wolvie props for being a bloody 'M' rated movie-game.

thebudgetgamer3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

i didnt get my name for nothing

:) yea the wolverine game was very bloody i figured they would dumb it down but thats not the case

50CALheadshot3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

ratchet and clank
heavenly sword
resistance 2

are all great current gen games

rambi803516d ago

If i'm not going to play it online i usually wait


Nuts & Bolts have a great strategy as being a simple/smaller game launching at 39,99. But that don't make it a good deal to me (cause this game plain sucks, even at 19,99, I was expecting a good old timer platforming but they trow me some vehicle platforming BS, WTF!?).

I think Crackdown cost less than 60 at launch, didn't it? Better example... I know Socom and Warhawk "nude" (headset-less) versions did cost that online and was possible to get physical versions at that price without the headset (but that wasn't official deal).

But you guys are most likely right, most games cost more than they are worth. Specially those crap games that get DLC two weeks after launch...

That said, 50CALheadshot isn't wrong. I don't agree in the entire list and I wouldn't do it a console-specific one (even trough I only have a PS3) but there is definely the counter-part on games that do match that 60 bucks tag.

vickers5003516d ago

Great deal of the moment. The game is pretty solid in the ratings, and it's kind of interesting. 5.98 for a brand new (also pretty decent) game, now you can't pass on that.

Narutone663516d ago

at the same time. I only buy games that I really anticipate, like GTP, KZ2 or LBP. The rest of the great games I only buy after it come down in price.

DLA2K93516d ago

Why would someone buy from Gamestop when they can use

SlyGuy3516d ago

I bought Folklore for $25.00 on eBay.

I always wanted to play that game.

50CALheadshot3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

whats wrong with my list? the 360 has alot of useless filler.
the wii, well, the wii has like 1 good game.and i dont even have it soi cant talk.

now the ps3 older titles still look and play better if not on par with whats released today.I could have made the ps3 list twice as long, but i didnt want to COMPLETELY eclipse the 360 list and piss off the fangirls.

To be honest, a year from now, well be looking at killzone 2 and wondering why the 360 has no games with that much simultaneous eye candy...even though the 360 should have had a game like killzone2 in 2008. especially, since the 360 launched 1 year earlier.

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II Necroplasm II3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

if you have credit.

I don't anymore though. Got a little overboard with my spending on my credit cards. and now lets just say i get annoying phone calls everyday, but hey free stuff is nice! ;)

TheRealSpy023516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

i used to be a member of gamefly. til i realized it's actually a really bad deal.

unless prices have increased, i was paying 24.99 a month for 2 games which comes out to about 300 bucks a year. now lets say each month you're lucky enough to rent one really good game, that means you'll probably keep it for a month. so now you're paying 24.99 for one game that you can't keep. at the end of the year, you've spent 300 dollars with nothing to show for it but a few cool experiences and some achievements/trophies.

now, if you made the decision to buy one new game every other month, that's 360 dollars. but they're yours to keep. that means a few things. if you really like the game, you can keep it forever and enjoy the replay value and the multiplayer. OR, you can trade it in towards more games.

or you can use the 300 dollars to buy used games. you find a few games for 20 a few for 30 a few for could grab 10 or more games each year that are YOURS for the same cost as renting games you are just borrowing.

then you can take the games you actually get to keep and join a website like and you can trade your games with other ppl for free. you just pay for the shipping.

gamefly only sounds like a good deal because you believe that unlimited rentals actually means unlimited. but since there's a shipping gap of 3-7 days, it's actually very limited. along with that shipping gap you should also factor in that new games are hard to get right at release and you end up getting put into a queue for those games and you actually get sent older games anyway.

no-spin3516d ago

True that

I traded plenty of old games and not so old ones ($20 for CoD 4 and $20 for Gears 2 are preety good deals) using game stop offers and got up to a $154 in total for a bunch of PS2 games and some current gen games. That is awesome for getting new games in this economy.

Rofflecopter3516d ago

Thanks, you just talked me out of a terrible idea. I almost got GameFly for next year.

I really really appreciate the opinion!

Sheikh Yerbouti3515d ago

Gamefly would be a consideration if it were under $15 a month like Blockbluster.

Brick and mortar is more convenient IMO.

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Freakwave0033516d ago

*Hugs 4 unopened copies of Suikoden II.*

AKNAA3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

I stopped buying new released games since RE5 due to the "Now" common price tag of $69.99(canada)! Thats F%$kin' outrageous!
So what I've done is what the article noted. Buy older games for 1/3 of the price of a new game, or simply get it used.

Hopefully more people do this to get the point across to the retailers/ game devs. that we are "Not" going to spend a whopping $69.99 plus tax on a game at times like these!

Sitris3516d ago

You think your prices are bad, recommended retail price in Australia is $120!!! thats almost $89 american haha we pay way more than you guys so don't complain haha plus the Ps3 and xbox prices out here a way higher as well lol

PSN ID: Sitris

Be a gamer not a hater

kwicksandz3516d ago

yeah yanks b1tching about $60 games makes me laugh. A half price game is $60 here.....

mastiffchild3515d ago

Yeah, I was talking to a few Scandinavian mates from Uni the other day and the prices they pay for games and consoles is amazing-and I'm living in the UK which gets ripped off pretty mercilessly itself.

I think it worked out at about $85 (US) for them to buy a new game. Also anybody remember the huge con over Rockband when it was first delayed for the EU THEN when it arrived it cost twice as much as the US version? I hate to think what gamers in northern EU or Australia had to pay-when you add in that they also(along with the UK in this case)get games way later as well it starts to get really annoying.

And jrpgs take an age to get here as well in some cases so I reckon the trade in US imports when FF13 releases on PS3 in NA(prolly 6 months ahead of EU)the import trade will be huge.

How do games devs/console makers expect to kill off piracy (on PC/360/PSP/Wii etc)where it's easily done when the games are getting so dear at release? We're all feeling the pinch you know.

Buying a few games you missed when the price goes down makes huge sense these days esp when you can see post hype which games are really worth getting-
£10 is still a waste if you aren't going to either play or enjoy what you buy.

Shane Kim3515d ago

Yep, I live in Sweden and we pay 699 SEK for a new PS3/Xbox/Wii game. That us 85 USD.

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