Call of Duty 7 in Vietnam, Cuba?

TVGB: "A source we consider reliable has told TVGB that Activision is looking to licence music for "Call of Duty 7," music that gives some serious hints as to the locations the game may take us. Mentioned were Vietnam War era tunes, as well as Cuban, African, and Soviet Union music. The source says Call of Duty: World at War's senior producer Noah Heller is involved, so it looks like Treyarch is once again developing."

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ASSASSYN 36o3489d ago

Call of duty civil

BattleAxe3488d ago

I don't think the Americans would like that war too much....

ShabzS3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

the (arabs/ soviets/ germans/ generally non americans) have captured a space station and we go in blaster shields blazing...

Reevr3488d ago

Why wouldn't Americans like it?... For some reason people have this stupid idea that we lost the Vietnam war which isn't correct. The stupid southern Vietnamese provoked the north into fighting again after we had already restored the boundaries as they were before the war and had pulled our troops out.

dcbronco3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

during that second part of the war they kicked our a$$. I mean after all, we did leave. And we just started going back after thirty-some years. I'd say that was a$$ kicked. It's okay though, can't win 'em all. War always works better when your people actually believe in what they're fighting for. Never when you force random poor people off the street to go.

On topic though, this is fake. Activision does all Call of Duty games now. I believe they forced it in their contract after the success of 4.

velaxun3488d ago

He was talking about 1812, the war the canucks burned the white house down

IaMs123488d ago

Actually i believe we would like it because it would give us chance for some payback! Woot! lol anyways Fallout 3 showed Washington D.C. destroyed whats so different from that?

ZombieNinjaPanda3488d ago

There was no way the vietnam war could have been won by us (Usa). They just believed in their cause too much.

It's like when the colonists were fighting against the British. Colonists shouldn't have won, however they won because they believed in the cause they were fighting for. To the British, it was just another rebellion. Same with the US.

Rofflecopter3488d ago

CoD 3, CoD 5, and those awful other games they made before that. They are just not good developers. They had 2 years, not even making their own engine like IW, and their game still sucked compared to its predecessor. I mean come on, give up already. The only reason CoD5 even sold was because it was on the back of Modern Warfare.

No Way3488d ago

And, also, because the British were fighting the French. =P
The French were a much bigger issue to them (British) then the US colonists were.

TheDude2dot03488d ago

No one won the Vietnam War because war was never declared. It is considered a conflict, which was why we were able to retreat without calling it a defeat.

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Alcohog3489d ago

The world still needs a quality Vietnam FPS. A COD version would be epic if they could have it as cinematic as COD1 and 2.

s8anicslayer3488d ago

I would like to see a call of duty set during vietnam to! the only fps game to touch on that really was Shellshock nam and we all know what that was like

velaxun3488d ago

Battlefield Vietnam wasn't bad

Rofflecopter3488d ago

CoD vietnam would be great, just as long as its IW and not treyarch.

velaxun3488d ago

I doubt IW would work on Vietnam, I think they're more focused on their Modern Warfare franchise now. I doubt they'd switch back to a previous era

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M337ING3489d ago

NOW this is interesting.

A Call of Duty focused around the Cold War? Day one buy for me! It's about time we left the 1940s...

IaMs123488d ago

But the Cold War would be boring wouldnt it? I mean well i guess it would be along the lines of COD4 going on secret missions off the record.

digger183489d ago

I would love to see a World War 1 COD.

Trench warfare, big old tanks, bi-planes etc...It would be great :)

Gray23488d ago

yeah but trench warfare wouldnt really lend itself to videogames, charge trench and repeat :/

Bob Dole3488d ago

Yeah it'd be really boring..... you'd spend 4 hours gaining like 10 feet of ground.

thebudgetgamer3488d ago

so waht youre saying is it would be gears of war.

i kid i think gears is awesome


IaMs123488d ago

Nice idea for say DLC or an extra mode along with the Zombies. OR even better be in trenches as Zombies charged you too!

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Th3 Chr0nic3489d ago

im concerned with MW2 forget this