Will the New Medal of Honor Match Modern Warfare 2? "A time existed when Medal of Honor from 2015 Inc. was the default war-shooter of choice. Until the talent of 2015 ditched EA, Call of Duty came out and EA tried turning MoH it into another cash-cow (ah, the publisher's earlier power-trips. So ugly yet beautiful in retrospect). It's no secret that despite going through numerous developers, Medal of Honor has been one step behind CoD for ages. Having started development (as listed in Environment Artist at Electronic Arts LA, Jericho Green's credits) and utilizing the hip 'modern war' theme (as earlier leaked news show), is Operation Anaconda just another case of EA trying to play catch-up to their oldest and most formidable FPS foe?"

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interrergator3489d ago

uhhhh it could give it a shot other than that if infinity ward says that modern warfare 2 is gona be the best fps ever than i doubt it

Nike3489d ago

Nowadays, when any CoD dev says their game is going to be the best, they're always right. Amazing...or scary? O_O

GFahim3488d ago

funny that i also heard the same from the Haze developer...

Nike3488d ago

Was that before or after they made Haze? :P

interrergator3488d ago

its very scary indeed i wondering wat its gona look like wen we see it at E3 im pumped

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ShabzS3488d ago

coz at that point call of duty 3 came out and felt really .... weak... but then a year later mordern warfare comes out and blows everything outta the water... moh came back with airborne... it felt like a same game released in a different year... they need to move on from ww2.. coz brother in arms HH is also taking over that area..

Nike3488d ago

Brothers in Arms seems to be the WWII reinventor now. Not that it bother Treyarch or Infinity Ward - but if MoH has nothing new to bring to the table in that battle, why not just move on?

And yeah, Call of Duty 3 was just...blargh. :(

Lord_Ranos3488d ago

I just want Medal of Honor Heroes 3 for my PSP.

Major Kanimo3488d ago

for the MOH series the fresh gameplay offered in the last generatioin and even before that was fun i used to play MOH alot before i discovered call of duty and brothers in arms but since they are making the jump too modern times and actually doing a battle that actually happend might make this game a good seller if they dont ruin it with a horrible unrealistic game engine

Nike3488d ago

Many of MoH's previous experiences were hampered by their stupid hooks on the same goddamn war. Agreed it would be cool to see what MoH looks like in a whole other battle - but as skeptical as I was for CoD4's shift, so shall I be for MoH's.