Top 5 Video Game to Movie Adaptations of All Time - Debate

Each week in the Friday Faceoff, the editors of Complex will have an open debate with one of the other websites in the Complex Media Network on a timely topic. They encourage everyone to chime in with comments about all the choices, whether you agree or disagree. Don't worry, they can take a sneak-diss or two.

Last week, the team talked 2009 sneakers with NiceKicks. This week, it's time to go up against, whose video game guru Eric M. Bush was kind enough to debate history's best movies that were adapted from video games. It wasn't easy, because as it turns out, most of them are crappy.

With big-screen versions of high profile games like Prince of Persia and Metal Gear Solid in the works, we have high hopes for the genre's future, even if it did get off to a rocky start in 1993 with the release of the super-flop Super Mario Brothers. But they haven't all been bad. Take a look back at the best with the "top 5 video game to film adaptations of all time" debate…

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Valkyrie833488d ago

That's a tough subject of debate, considering most of them at least we have a decent movie to video game creation in X-Men Origins: Wolverine....good choices though!

PepperJack3488d ago

gotta say that list is spot on dude

3488d ago
steel213488d ago

Silent Hill was, for me, the best game to movie adaptation so far.

Valkyrie833488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Repost, sorry!

UltimaEnder3488d ago Super Mario Bros., huge miss there fellas as that movie is easily in the top 5, maybe number 2....nice call on Advent Children though, that sits atop my list as well!

Sony Rep3488d ago

Sony does well with licensed ips. RE is probably the best game to movie adaptation yet, and I have no doubt they'll stay true to the Metal Gear lore with the movie.

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