Ars Riot Squad reviews Killzone 2 Steel and Titanium Pack

Ars writes: "Since the Steel and Titanium pack hit the PlayStation Network last night, I thought I'd turn to some local talent to give their thoughts on the content. Ars Riot Squad is our own Killzone 2 clan, and they've already played the hell out of the maps and have come back with this report.

We're approximately two months out from the Killzone 2 release, and the first batch of paid DLC is upon us. Up until this point, Guerrilla Games has provided several patches addressing various multi-player issues to show their commitment to the PS3's premier online shooter, but now it is time to ask the $6 dollar question: are the new maps worth it?"

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bronxpapi3512d ago

why get d new DLC, if the game freezes and looses connection more than u can play. dont get me wrong i still love d game but daaaam they have 2 do something about that. is getting me fustrated, especially when im trying to rank up getting 100+ points and then i loose d happend to me more than ten times allready. please fix d problem allready or ima have to go back to playing COD4.thanx

redsquad3512d ago

I hardly ever get a downed connection while playing KZ2 online these days. At it's worst (just over a week after launch) it happened three times in one week, but since then I only seem to experience 'difficulties' when maintenance is being done.

bronxpapi3512d ago

and i have 100% signal but keep loosing my connection.

Sony Rep3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Yeah. It does happen, but not very much if at all.

I think GG is still working on the errors. Regarding the maps, I like them both. The wasteland Bullet map is definitely different from the other maps with a lot of choke points and hiding spots, but the Vekta Cruiser is my favorite. I like the smaller enclosed spaces better than the larger maps. And the graphics look a lot better than SP.

Well worth the $5.99

redsquad3512d ago

New maps are fun, especially the cruiser. Glad I bought them.

Swiftfox3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Thank you for getting to the heart of the matter. It's still amazing that most sites need 3-4 paragraphs to tell me what you just did in one sentence.

They are fun. Worth the money. Thank you. Bubbles.

nightelfmohawk3511d ago

I agree. I'm enjoying the new maps very much. I know most people prefer Wasteland Bullet, but I actually prefer Vekta Cruiser a tad more so far, because it has more color. But both maps are a blast. :)