Interview: GameInvest's Mariana Cardoso talks about Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward

Gamertell has posted an interview with GameInvest's General Manager, Mariana Cardoso. The interview is primarily about the development of Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward for PC, Wii and DS.

From the interview:

"The beds have to be changed, clinic areas cleaned and records to find for each individual patient that comes in the door. And I thought babysitting a group of hyperactive 8-year-olds at a summer camp was a nightmare, these patients can become down right demanding.

'Hysteria Hospital has been in development for a little over a year, about the time frame we expect for most of our titles,' [Cardoso] explained. 'Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward is part of a series of hospital-themed time management style games that we have developed...'"

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