X360 vs PS3: Which offers better support in India? writes:

How many Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3 articles/predictions/analyses/rants do we come across on the internet on a weekly basis? More than even the most ardent console fanboy would care for. But we're going to look past the online functionalities, the high-profile exclusives, and the sales figures and focus on another aspect of these consoles that greatly affects a potential buyer's purchase decision – after sales support. Of course, we'll be looking at it from a uniquely Indian perspective as the policies for both consoles differ to some extent from what they offer in other markets.

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OhReginald3453d ago

most people in India work for microsoft....

jBat173453d ago

i don't think videogames should be their top priority there.

Dipso3453d ago

Yeah and if even 2% are filthy rich that's still a lot of people...or maybe you think those wealthy people should help out the poor like they do in other capitalist countries?! Food hand outs in NY lately?

Swiftfox3453d ago

Wow. If most people see Japan as unimportant than why would they care about India.

Plus if mots of the Indian people had the money to afford such consoles they would probably spend it all

be_wrong3453d ago

errrr who cares.... really?

Sony Rep3453d ago

India is Sony land

tough luck 360

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