Wii Want to Play PSP Games

Gaming Target examines the baffling trend of publishers porting PS3 and/or Xbox 360 games to the PSP and then refusing to bring those same games to the equally powered Wii.

From the article: "After all the pronouncements from Sony about the "Year of This" and the "Year of That", it looks like 2009 might actually become the Year of the PSP. The PSP's release calendar is being filled with tons of new titles from both Sony and third parties after a horrible year-long drought that saw few new games besides the March 2008 releases of God of War: Chains of Olympus and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. But with the recent recent announcement of a slew of PS3/Xbox 360 ports for the PSP (including Tekken 6 and a 1-on-1 Soul Calibur fighting game), it makes me wonder why more companies aren't leveraging the similar computing power of the PSP and the Wii and bringing titles to both systems."

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eagle213511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

Tekken and Soul Calibur fans have PSP's and japan last week proves Monster Hunter fans have PSP's and Capcom should have 3G coming to PSP or PS3.

I understand the argument but instead of jumping around platforms just stay where the die hard fans are....a lesson Square is learning the hard

maniacmayhem3511d ago

What lesson is Square learning?

Do you think that the games they released on 360 would've been any better on PS3?

Or maybe it's because the games weren't that good to begin with and that they dumped most of their money and time into a game they have been developing for years?

Just wondering..

Godmars2903511d ago

That they can't pimp out their 2nd tier titles to sell the 360 to a Japanese audience.

FFVII worked with the PS1 because it was a key franchise and CD tech afforded several advantages over carts. Advantages which just don't apply to the 360 and PS3.

And because of this, because any JRPG on the 360 can be done on the PS3, havd not been well received on one console, Square is missing out on any profits they could have had by putting those games out on the console with a larger install base, or as multiplatforms.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3511d ago

Games sell better on Ps3, especially in Japan. Even if they are not "better".

Anyway the obvious answer to the fact that PSP gets PS360 ports and Wii does not is the target demographic/audience.I guess it's not cheap enough to port it to Wii in relation to the sales amount that publishers would expect.

SpoonyRedMage3511d ago

good points but ultimately they've only released one definate 360 exclusive, Project Sylpheed. Infinite Undiscovery is MS-owned and was published on behlaf of Tri-Ace, and SO4 is Tri-Ace as well.

The Last Remnant was held back ridiculiously by the engine(as was Mass Effect) but I found it enjoyable and the situation with it is strange because PS3 owners said they didn't want it, so now they might not be getting it, not much of surprise there.

I think the lesson that Square might actually be learning is that the majority of "their" fanbase(or their FF fanbase anyway) have brand loyalty to Sony and that may be a good or bad thing as you could see it two ways.

Sorry about the minirant but I'm a Square fan that is currently enjoying many of their modern titles(and Tri-Ace's, Valkyrie Profile: CoTP FTW!) and couldn't care less what platform they're on.

I also think they've been showing the most support to Nintendo this gen and have had moderate success.

More on-topic now: How did the Wii Soul Calibur game do saleswise? That might be why it isn't going on the Wii.

N4g_null3511d ago

You guys do realize sony owns namco stock. Remember the deal to make the PS3 an arcade machine? Then when Krazy ken left he went where to namco.... So it's no wonder this is happening. It just goes to show you namco was trying to sabotage the Wii with that horrible adventure game.

ThanatosDMC3511d ago

Why not just get a PSP and buy the games? It's portable too so you dont need have a tv setup somewhere.

Patapon 2 FTW!

By the way, Locoroco 2 got even weirder. The Mui Mui fight mini game is just stupidly fun!

ZuperAmazingCooKie3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

What they do own is 49% of Namco-Cellius. However, the fact that 51% is owned by Namco means they call the shots.

Even if Sony did own Namco Stock, it wouldn't matter that much. Just look at how Square has ignored the PS3 almost entirely this gen even when Sony actually owns Square stock.

N4g_null3510d ago

ZuperAmazingCooKie you will find different companies have different relationships and sony is tied up in namco. Hey believe what you want to it doesn't matter true namco games will not come to a nintendo platform until they feel they have payed back sony's generosity.

It's just business that's all. Also these project started when the Wii was still seen as the loser of this gen.

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Sony Rep3511d ago

Because the wii is a gimmick

Consumers know it, developers know it, core gamers know it, and publishers know it.

ChickeyCantor3511d ago

"Because the wii is a gimmick "
Mighty sixaxes saves the day!!!!

iamtehpwn3511d ago

PS3 without Sixaxis is still PS3.
A Wii without a wiimote IS gamecube.

ChickeyCantor3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

lol I WAS JUST KIDDING, capslocks.

So even if its a GCN, it runs games and thats all that matters.
Doesn't make it a gimmick, just because the hardware is derived from the GCN and has a new controller interface.

iamtehpwn3511d ago

well, I'm just saying.
don't get me wrong Sidar, I was biggest Wii supporter.
I sat out at Midnight to be the first in the WORLD to get the thing (since it launched in the US first).

But Nintendo has c0ck slapped me too many times in the face with this system. x____x

But, I did Twilight Hack my wii, and trust me, It's the best thing you can do. It's amazing, you should try it.

ChickeyCantor3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

My N-wii was twilight hacked ages ago.
Although don't use it for downloaded games though.

Let me just say this then, It doesn't really matter what Nintendo does or how many c0ck slaps they "hand" out. I rather focuss on games that are actually good. I'm not saying Ps3 or 360 don't have games, in fact i have a Ps3 to expand my gaming experience.

But by no means is the Wii, to me that is, less of a console than PS3 and 360. Also i don't agree with many things Nintendo does, imo, they could have been the best console/game makers out there if they laid off their crack philosophies. Lots of them are just holding them back to actually expand to be a better company, for themselves and the audience.
(where is my Zelda with DLC? or Mario for that matter R_R...F-zero?...i doubt it...if they don't include the damn track editor im gonna freak out)

Also i believe many think Nintendo is not gonna deliver their main franchise, and feel "c0ck" slapped by that...I'm sure they are coming, hell i didn't expect punchout to be coming for the Wii.
With this huge audience im positive they will revive more older ip's because there is a new audience that has potential for these games.

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LittleBigSackBoy3511d ago

yeah because six axis is the ONLY way you can play ps3 games...

kesvalk3511d ago

do you really think waggle is the only way that you can play games on Wii?

you are weird...

phantomexe3511d ago

lol i'm sure that i don't want psp games on the wii.No more ports

phantomexe3511d ago

The 2 bubble guy speaks again.

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