Yahoo UK Review - Guitar Hero Metallica

It's taken Metallica a while to come around to the idea of music games. Perhaps they thought making their songs available for people to play along with on plastic instruments would somehow cheapen them? Whatever the reason, Hetfield and co. have blocked their records from appearing in Guitar Hero for years. Quite what changed their minds is anyone's guess, but, having lent their names and likeness to this, the first Guitar Hero spin-off to be based around a single artist, the change of heart has been quite comprehensive.

Much like last year's AC/DC Rock Band spin-off, Guitar Hero Metallica pulls music from across the band's back catalogue, from their earliest thrash metal beginnings with Hit the Lights, through the Black album era which birthed some of their best known hits, right up to last year's Death Magnetic. In addition to a raft of music from Metallica themselves, all 28 tracks of which use the original masters, the band has also chosen a slew of contributions from other artists, music that has influenced the band over their many years of service to hard rock.

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