Yahoo UK Review - X-men Origins: Wolverine

Despite his gruff demeanour, difficult past, sabre-like claws and general sense of coiled-spring brutality, videogames have typically taken a conservative, comic book approach to Wolverine. X-men Origins, however, has no such qualms about showing the man for what he truly is.

In the game's opening scenes, the helicopter in which he's travelling is blown up mid-air. Wolverine then sky-dives into the undergrowth below, cushioning his fall by landing on a machete-wielding jungle soldier, who promptly explodes into a red mist before you can say schnick. Two minutes later, the rest of his platoon are all dead, their mutilated, headless, armless bodies lying prostrate all around, severed by your eager claws. Rest assured: this is not the Wolverine of the Saturday morning cartoon show.

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