Atelier Rorona Promotion Clip Shows Gameplay

SCRAWL's Sal writes "A new update on the official Atelier Rorona website reveals a new promotional trailer for Gust Corp's upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive role-playing game. You'll notice, that in the gameplay of the trailer, all the characters are chibi-like. If you've been following the game, you'd probably know that, but that just seems to be the style Gust is going for. It looks pretty good, too."

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TheColbertinator3488d ago

Ugh! Alchemy? Not really my thing in RPGs

Hiruma Youchi3488d ago

is this game a PSN title? the graphics are mehh compared to Valkyria or Tales

killzone2ownsallfps3488d ago

not is game of psn. and the anime is voices i like...

Swiftfox3488d ago

There was not much gameplay in this teaser. There was a breif few snippets of the main character running through the world which seems in the same vien as Eternal Sonata and Radiata Stories.

The cutscenes seem to be in Anime rather than 3d rendering. The character design of the cutscenes differse greatly from that of the world map and battle.

It still wasn't enough to make any type of call. There was no real interaction with full cities, no lengthy battle footage etc.

I would love for a demo of this game to slip onto the JPN PSN.

Blackcanary3487d ago

i love anime/ manga and this has a anime movie feel to it like Spirited away the movie this is a must buy.

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