Wolverine PSN Update Suprise

PSL!VE writes - "Yes its true and its Friday! There has been an update on a Friday!"

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi3516d ago dated this Demo looked!!! ;-D
Gameplay was ok tho. Uncharted 1 KILLS this game with it's Graphics!!! ;-P

This X-MAN can stay on X-BOX!!! ;-D

nefertis3516d ago

Yeah I agree with, Im more hype for infamous then this,I just preorder Infamous today.

Sangria3516d ago

I don't know what to think about the demo. I appreciated the Wolverine game on PS2 and this one is pretty similar, excepted the "sneaking" parts.
This Wolverine game is more brutal but i'm afraid of its durability and lack of polish.
So i'll wait for a 360 version of the demo and several reviews to make up my mind.

GiantEnemyCrab3516d ago

Why are you waiting for a 360 demo? It's been available on Live since yesterday unless you are a silver account.

GVON3516d ago

Got the Psn demo and the sucks,did the first few waves,realised it would get repetitive quite quick and was able to visualise how the rest would go and deleted it after 5 minutes.
First Cg was nice,and I was surprised how gory it was.

BrunoM3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

is these not on the NA psn cus i go on and i dont see the demo any were .. ???

EDIT: there toke care of it went to europes store and got it Downloading it right now 18% lets see how good it is.

BrunoM3516d ago

ok just finish playing the demo ...

ok the opening CG is GREAT love the gore .. the game is not that bad ,, love the heli part i push the guy out of the heli and then put his head on the blade to fuking kool ... .. id say id give it a 7/10 looks like u can have fun with the game .

Sangria3516d ago

@GiantEnemyCrab: The demo is not available in Europe, or at least in France.
Generally, when it doesn't come from big publishers like EA or Ubisoft, the PS3 version tend to be less polished than 360 version, that's why i prefer seeing both version on my own and decide if there is a graphical difference and if it can influence my opinion about it.

Jac5al3515d ago

The game lacks polish anyway.

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Mindboggle3516d ago

Maybe a sign of things to come ? Wasnt there a Resident Evil thing updated on a tuesday a couple of weeks ago ?

Lord_Ranos3516d ago

Hey that pic is the same as mine. cool

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The story is too old to be commented.