DirectX11 shader in action on Nvidias upcoming GPU

Reported that the new separate GPU "GeForce GTX 275" in its suit, NVIDIA's new GPU "GeForce GTX 275" combined with the announcement of the upcoming "NVIDIA PhysX" (below, PhysX) support Title and, "DirectX Computer Shader" and demonstration of a novel published a few movies.

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likeaboss3023487d ago

Is cool and all but how about making more DX10 games that really take advantage of the spec and current hardware. Instead most tend to be slower then DX9 with very little graphical difference. Note I said most but not all as there are some gems out there.

The Lazy One3487d ago

DX11 is supposed to be what DX10 should have been. Just like Windows 7 is supposed to be what Vista should have been.

NRG3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

I loved the dust/fluid/smoke video. Imagine technology like that in Forza or Gran Turismo. I'd do nothing but drifting and power sliding all day.

Physics related stuff like this, is definitely not entirely possible in 10.

DeadlyFire3485d ago

ATI also has a card coming with DirectX 11 in July.

Microsoft likes to overwrite its past with new things.

Kakkoii3483d ago

@DeadlyFire: Care to site you source? Because I have heard nothing of this, and I'm very into the GPU scene. I know there's on coming in Q4 or late Q3. But not as early as you said.

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360Hater3487d ago

Otherwise PC gaming be screwed... Ive built PC's probably longer than most of you have been alive and ive never seen this much power with this few games. Not to mention the games that are good are on consoles 99% of the time and its just easier sitting at the couch. Guess you can use the 360 adapter which actually works well for a lot of games but consoles have just become easier.

PC use to have such better graphics it was hard to ignore. Now you can really push consoles close enough to PC's that it doesnt matter.

Nvidia or ATI need to open their own game section. It would make PC gaming sooo much better. You have engineers working right aside the programmers and artists it would be a magical pair.

IcarusOne3487d ago

Very impressive. I hope this is coming to consoles.

DeadlyFire3485d ago

It will be in consoles in 2010/2011. In the PS4/X720 or whatever. Maybe in new Nintendo console. Who knows.

richierich3487d ago

@ IcarrusOne I would expect it to come to the Xbox720 or PS4 hopefully they will achieve CG like graphics by then

TheIneffableBob3487d ago

Sony probably wouldn't use a Microsoft API for their console.

evrfighter3487d ago

and even then physx is owned by nvidia. Which means If Sony or M$ don't go to nvidia as their graphics standard. No, console players won't be seeing this unless they shell out some major dough for it.

DeadlyFire3485d ago

Sony could use Intel's new Ray Tracing API. It emulates DirectX and Open GL so it could allow for DirectX 11 games to work on the PS4 as well. I can see quick ports possible.

Physx may be owned by NVIDIA, but Intel has Havok and ATI also supports Havok.

richierich3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Sorry double post (problem with my web browser)

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