OXCGN: Final Fantasy 13 Demo Impressions: What FF12 Should Have Been

OXCGN writes:

"The wait is finally over (kind of) for some lucky and smart Australians who have managed to import the Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Complete Blu Ray Edition, which came bundled with the sought after demo of Final Fantasy 13. I was lucky enough to borrow a copy off one of these people, and I got to sink my teeth into the first High Definition Final Fantasy."

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XboxOZ3603487d ago

The clip looks great - naturally. Square knows how to create excellent graphics and CGI. And by all accounts, when the game arrives on Western shores in 2010 after localising, we should be all in for a real treat . .be you PS3 or 360 owners.

So stop the bickering and just enjoy the game and this guys impressions of the demo.

SpoonyRedMage3487d ago

Totally agree with you, bubbles for being awesome.

Superfragilistic3487d ago

Agreed this game looks excellent. I couldn't help but notice some Lost Odyssey influence on the mood/themes though... seems much darker than the usual FF stuff.

Uncle Rico3487d ago

The game certainly looks good, can't wait for the full thing.

XboxOZ3603487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Their new Mystery Game out of their new LA studios might have some heads turning as well. - we made a small clip of the new site, looks cool.

I don't care at all if 'some' ppl think Square have gone all Western. Who gives a flying you-know-what.

The end of the story is, we as gamers get more great titles, and we ALL get to play them, rather than on just one console - or the other.

FF13 will look great and play great on either platform, as will many of Square Enix's game, including any of the new Western-Centric ones coming out.

Ichiryoka3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

ANY fan of Squaresoft would know that this so called MYSTERY clip is the new Front Mission game they are doing for 360. Lol wow... Squareenix is really spoiling 360 owners who know hardly anything about them. Good thing I at least keep up with whats going on.

gaminoz3487d ago

I'm not much of a FF fan, but the description sounds pretty amazing! FF fans will love it, it sounds like and maybe some new fans will get into it!

Godem3487d ago

I have played the demo also...

and it really does feel like a completely different game. Square seem to have gone out of their way to keep the old fans happy, but keep new comers and anti Turn Based players entertained as well.

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