New PSN Avatars Coming

PSL!VE writes: "Well good news for every single one of you. In a recent PSW Magazine it stated "new psn avatars are on the way" so everyone get ready because they are coming."

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Mindboggle3518d ago

Seriously its about freaking time. We've been stuck with the same avatars for about a year now. The last time they were updated was when Haze came out which is just ludicrous.

InfectedDK3518d ago

Yep about time, especially when you think about how easy this is, to add some more avatars.. Looking forward to this.

AntoineDcoolette3518d ago

Why doesn't Sony just allow us to upload custom avatars from our hard drives along with some sort of approval process so that people who try putting up pictures of penises get banned?

I have some paintings I'd like to use >:l

Mindboggle3518d ago

In all fairness we dont really know how easy it is to add more avatars, but the fact we havent had any new ones in a year is unacceptable.

Avatars should be personal. I have about 4 people on my list all with the same avatars which is annoying. They should be downloadable on the PS Store in packs, some free and some paid for. Just like themes.

WhittO3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

old news, we already new they were working on Avatars.

And ye, its REEALLLYY about time, if they just let us use our own avatars, they wouldnt need to update more since everyone would have like a diff avatar anyway.
Really, it cant be that hard, like a really small-low res pic and if they are worried about "adult pics", well isnt that the same as lisening to someone mouth off on a mic in an online game? or sending you pics in a message? really there is no diff, if people accept terms and conditions for online and accept friend invites then whats the problem !!

EDIT: lol so they are adding like 1 new avatar for Killzone, 1 for infamous, couple for LBP ? i thought they were going to add loads more, this just means everyone will be using these now, which just doesnt fix the problem of everyone using the same avatars!
i have like 10 people on my friends list with the same avatar as me.

joydestroy3518d ago

whatever lol
i've been rocking the KZ2 avatar since it hit the network. i have no problem sporting an avatar for a game that rocks.
and i won't change it until a better one comes out.

sunnygrg3518d ago

About time I changed my blue Smiley face avatar. Smileys are forever but with new avatars, hmmm..

50CALheadshot3518d ago

y do people complain so much?? its not like they are charging you for online.....

s8anicslayer3518d ago

yes, totally it is about time, but it is a free service

WhittO3518d ago

if we didnt complain, we wouldnt have DivX support, be able to add 100 friends, send larger files to eachother, still have the awful old store interface, no enhancements to the web browser, no in-game Xmb, no trophies, no ability to sort files into folders, no text chat room, no added avatars, no new power features like turning controls off after 10 min or turn console off after an hour etc, no themes/wallpapers, no playlists.

All of these things are a result of us demanding more from the service, if you were given a ps3 with the origonal FW, i would like to see you still say "stop complaining, your not paying for it".

rockleex3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Just let the developers provide PSN Avatars in their game discs.

Why would developers do that?
To promote their games, obviously.

If I want a Raiden Avatar, I would have to buy MGS5. If I want a Nissan Skyline Avatar, I would have to buy GT5. Etc.

If I had an Avatar of Sackboy, I would basically be promoting LBP to all my friends. If I had an Avatar of Big Daddy, I would basically be promoting Bioshock to all my friends.

Of course, this also means developers should offer the best looking Avatars to compete with other developers. If your Avatars don't stand out enough, then people on the friends list won't really notice or care. The better the Avatars, the better the promotion. Etc.

Developers give us free Avatars along with their games, we give them free promotion! Win-win situation for everyone! ^_^

But of course, Sony will still be providing their own selections of Avatars on the PSN... but at the same sloooow pace that they have been providing for the last couple years. -_-"

Mindboggle3517d ago

I cant believe i lost a bubble for that...What a load of crap...

y0haN3517d ago

I don't care about avatars, I want party chat in-game and the ability to join a friend from anywhere.

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LarVanian3518d ago

Lol finally!
I've been using that close up of Nathan Drake's face for almost two years now.

Chubear3518d ago

I think we'll be able to use pictures of our HOME Avatars soon too.

ravinash3517d ago

Great, my girlfriend says my Home Avatar looks like a pedophile.

themyk3517d ago

omg i wish you could see my avatar it looks like a fat grey haired old child molester it's horrendous. even though i wont see that badboy for a while. being as i refuse to go to home until they bring back voice chat.


Killjoy30003518d ago

How about they just put custom avatars in. Either that or a representation of your Home character in the XMB.

InfectedDK3518d ago

Custom avatars has been discussed as far as I know, but your home character face as an option could be very sweet!

[email protected]3518d ago

I been wishing this since a long time... photoshop make some cool things ^^

sephy 9 2 53518d ago

really. I'm still confused about allowing the internet browser to ask a user every time a plug-in is required. And why they ship a PS3 with composite cables out of the box. Nobody in the board room thought hey let's make a bundle featuring a HDMI cable/official BT headset?

Pennywise3518d ago

IT should have HDMI. Not gonna argue there... even though the java script is message is annoying. Javascript running all of the moving ads on pages really slows the pages down... so I like to enable javascript so I can, for example click on the open zone tab... but i click do not run so I dont get the annoying ads and it doesnt slow the browser down.

And they should have a cheap headset included... but PS3 has a price problem already. Adding stuff would cost more, ya dig?

themyk3517d ago

what the hell is that message doing when it asked to run plug-ins? my god thats annoying when i'm trying to rock some lezbo porn. i have to push x every 2.5 minutes. can somebody explain to me why this happens. and why it can't be prevented.

Pennywise3518d ago

YAY! I was looking for a new one the other day and got so annoyed by the same images I picked the Red mad pissed off smiley.

This is good, overdue news.

Torch3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Funny you mention that...I saw it the other day, and I said to myself, "I wonder why he picked the Red mad pissed off smiley."

Well, now I know. Bit of a paradox though, since you actually managed find an avatar which accurately depicts your difficulty with finding an avatar. ;)

This is good, long-overdue news; I've been having Kratos' intimidating eyes haunting my nightmares since launch back in 2006.

Meh...who am I kidding...I'm a bit of a traditionalist (read: BORING). Odds are that I'd be hard-pressed to change him up unless something really cool comes along.

velaxun3517d ago

That's like me, I've had daxter for 2 and a half years now