TPG: iPhone Review | Trivial Pursuit: I'm full of useless knowledge!

TPG writes, "Do you know what the primary metal in bronze alloys is? Do you know what sport Notre Dame is not part of the Big East Conference in? Do you know how long the Golden Gate Bridge is? If so, you're as full of useless information as I am, and you probably are a big fan of the board game Trivial Pursuit.

Following the the footsteps of another great game, Monopoly - which came to the iPhone last year - Trivial Pursuit brings a perfect translation of the board game to a very portable platform. At $4.99, it's not a terrible price for what you get."

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bgrundman3514d ago

it is hard to picture Trivial Pursuit being fun on any platform

Neco5123514d ago

idk about that, looks like it would be fun to me

CrAppleton3514d ago

I think I agree with Grundy.. I can't imagine this is too fun

Neco5123514d ago

Looks like some more awesome gametime for the iPhone