WTP Review - X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (the "Uncaged Edition" to give it its full title on Xbox 360) is a third-person action game (meaning the central character can be seen on-screen during play) based on the movie with the same title, which releases on the same day. The game loosely follows the film in narrating the story of mutant hero Wolverine, whose likeness and voice are those of actor Hugh Jackman. Before becoming an X-Man, he must endure trials and tribulations while working as a government assassin and facing betrayal from his comrades.

Every time Wolverine kills an enemy, he accumulates experience points which can be used to upgrade his skills and health meter. All of his attacks are based on his powerful claws: there are claw spins and slashes, as well as a "berserker" mode that allows him to deliver extra damage to multiple opponents. Most enemies use firearms or blades; they can inflict severe wounds on Wolverine's torso, but the hero quickly regenerates them thanks to his mutant healing powers.

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