STP: Angels & Demons Review

STP writes: "We've all played a few puzzle games growing up, like IQ Peg, where you jump pegs over one another in an attempt to leave only one peg remaining. Author Dan Brown's DaVinci Code saga is probably full of things that were not in your childhood, namely captivating mysteries and murders for idealist causes. Sony Pictures Television takes the IQ Peg concept, throws in the production, glitz and polish as only Hollywood can, and comes up with Angels & Demons, based on the book and upcoming movie, for the iDevice.

Earth, Wind and Fire!
Angels & Demons takes IQ Peg and makes cranks up the intensity. The game is set on a board with a number of pegs sitting in holes, with only a few holes left strategically open. By jumping one peg over another into an open hole, you remove the jumped peg, and so on until one is left. Angels & Demons replaces the pegs with a variety of different pieces, ranging from stones to Illuminati eyes to pieces representing the four elements. And speaking of Earth, Wind, and Fire, this game supports iPod playback -- The in-game music does a good job of setting the mysterious mood, but we prefer Serpentine Fire."

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