Planet Xbox 360: Prototype Preview

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "Let me introduce you to Alex Mercer; who is a shadowy character, somewhat like a modern version of Altair from Assassins Creed. Alex wakes up on an autopsy table with two scientist types about to cut him open. He has no memories of who he is or how he got there. He promptly escapes and while doing so, discovers he has a wealth of powers at his disposal. Alex then uses his newfound powers to re-discover his past as he attempts to find out what happened to him. Alex is lead to a company called Genrek, which he used to be scientist for. Genrek are a medicine company who have created a virus that's spreading through the population, mutating any human DNA it comes into contact with. Alex must choose to help the human race or leave them to the ravages of the virus. The game goes by the name Prototype."

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euchreprof3511d ago

Oh well doesn't look like I am getting this now. I guess my pre-order of Infamous will do the job alone now for the summer.

i got the ghey3511d ago

This has already been posted 17 hours ago. And to Nelson above me please tell me that youre being sarcastic, the previewer didnt even have a hands-on with the game and he has numerous errors about the game including the repeated mispelling of Gentek as Genrek, which he assumes is a 'medecine company', and "Alex must choose to save the human race, or leave them up to the ravages of the virus?' huh? its a revenge story with the backdrop of a viral outbreak and consipiracy, no saving the world here. And thats only the first paragraph??

Id expect hiphopgamer to be more reliable than that site. Id hate what to see their 'preview' of inFamous. Itll probably begin by saying, 'Cody recieved his power of thunder from the Norse God Odin'

genuineitalian3510d ago

Your a joke - Did you just search this preview until youd commented on all of them....Twat

i got the ghey3509d ago

What are you smoking? none of what youre saying makes any sense. Cabbage?? Seriously you gotta sell me some of that dope.
See ya round, genuineshithead. :p