Gamezebo: Puppy Stylin' Review

They say that pets usually look like their owners. That's probably not a good thing if you own a pitbull! On that topic, Puppy Stylin' is a quirky time management game that has you styling up pampered pooches with hairdos, clothes, nail polish, and accessories, all to match their equally quirky masters.

When you first start playing, you get to choose your stylist (Roberto or Eloise), and select and name your own dog. Eloise has had many, many jobs, but she's never been able to keep one for long. Roberto has also done the rounds as a lounge singer and a garbage man, but whatever he does, he always seems to attract a pack of dogs. Whether you play as Eloise or Roberto, the story progresses in a similar fashion. You decide to open up your own pet grooming business. Of course, you need a pup to practice on, so you head down to the local animal shelter and pick up your new best friend.

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