Gamezebo: Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch Review

Poor Samantha Swift. Once again hot on the trail of her missing father, she unwittingly gives a nefarious villain the means to rediscover the Midas Touch, the ability to turn objects into solid gold. Realizing her mistake, she ventures off to right the wrong and bury the secret of the golden touch once more. Finding dad will just have to wait.

Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch is a very likeable game, if frustrating at times. Samantha is sort of like Lara Croft's kid sister – part archaeologist, part tomb raider, all spunky adventurer. She travels the world in search of artifacts to fill the halls of the Museum of the Lost, while her assistants back in the lab keep in touch via PDA, giving her clues about where to look next. They're a charming little crew that wants to find Sam's dad as much as they want to preserve antiquities for the sake of history. If you remember the Indiana Jones line "It belongs in a museum," that's pretty much how Samantha and her pals feel.

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