Gamezebo - iPhone: Crayon Ball

Gamezebo writes: "The iPhone has seen its share of match'em and make'em disappear puzzle games, so what makes Crayon Ball stand out in the crowd? Could it be its unique art style? Could it be its physics-based twist on a decades old genre? Could it just be that it's just classic puzzling fun? Whatever it is I picked it up a week ago and I just can't seem to put it down.

In typical puzzle action, the object of the game is to match 4 or more colored balls to make them disappear. But don't let that concept mistake you; Crayon Ball is no typical puzzler. Rather than relying on swapping pieces around to find working combinations, Crayon Ball utilizes a physics engine that will have you attempting to guide balls to their matches using the power of gravity. Touching a ball will pop it, allowing the balls it was supporting to tumble in a very realistic fashion. It's this tumbling motion that makes up the bulk of the gameplay."

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