AppSmile Reviews: Bobby Carrot 1 & 2 CLSX

2 separate ratings:
Bobby Carrot 1 CLSX gets our AppSmile 4-Dimple rating
Bobby Carrot 2 CLSX gets our AppSmile 5-Dimple rating

AppSmile writes: "Last month we reviewed Bobby Carrot Forever, the latest in the series of Carrot games from FDG Entertainment. Recently, FDG announced that they would be rereleasing the older Bobby Carrot games in succession up until June. Today we have our review of Bobby Carrot 1 and 2 CLSX (Classics). If you're not familiar with the character, Bobby Carrot is an anxious little hair who is constantly off on an puzzle strategy adventure.

Originally released in 2004 the first Bobby Carrot title was preinstalled on a number of Samsung phone models. The sequel was released soon after under the title Bobby Carrot 2: Winterland. As the name implies, Bobby found himself in a wintery maze of 30 brain-freezing levels. Now both editions have been ported to the iPhone platform and delivers arguably the best game play experience Bobby has seen."

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