Compile Heart ZERO Heading to PS3

Famitsu Japan revealed that the next installment in the JSRPG Compile Heart series will be released on PS3 on June 25th 2009.
The game will take place thousands of years before the original events and will feature a new battle system.

There is no information about a Worldwide Release at this date.


hey Guys , Looks like I was Wrong with THe Title of the game!

The Real Title is "Record of Agarest War ZERO"

Thanks to esegk for the Info.

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Hiruma Youchi3516d ago

this reminds me of luminous Arc on nintendo DS which is good.

SaiyanFury3515d ago

Yep, and the JRPGs keep coming. It seems the RPG drought is coming to an end.

Godmars2903516d ago

Its the only JRPG - on consoles anyway - that features banana eating and milk spillage.

TheColbertinator3515d ago

The banana picture is hilarious

II Necroplasm II3515d ago

What banana picture?? I don't see it in the title.

sinncross3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Those wanting a English translation:

It basically says that the official site fr the game has opened, which can be found here:


Swiftfox3515d ago

This may sound cross but I am really tired of SRPG's using sprites that were from the PS1 era. I know that some companies are not able to finacially do anything about it. Just making the sprites larger and more detailed would be a nice start.

Valkeryia Chronicals being the exception this generation...and a exceptional exception at that.

crck3515d ago

I agree these smaller jrpg houses really need to invest in HD spirits. Putting HD portraits over reclycled low res spirits really isn't going to fly any more. If it was a first gen ps3 game I might overlook it. But over 2 years into the ps3 life cycle this is crap. I'm not going to spend $50 on a PS2 game with HD portraits. If they really can't afford it put it on PSN as a cheap downloadable title like Konami is doing with Vandal Hearts.

Argento-Nox3515d ago

Agreed, Valkyria Chronicles is a unique SRPG. It's nice to see that sales of Valkyria Chronicles has picked up again (as my friends from EB games have told me). The new DLC will be sweet (^_^).

Baka-akaB3515d ago

It should Vanilla (murasama or Odin sphere) or ar tornelico level at least .

raztad3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Not quite sure if this game should be compared with VC. It looks like very standard Disgaea fare. VC, on the other hand, is an amazing mix up of tactical, third person shooter, rpg elements. VC is just a masterpiece, a class on is own.

That said, if you are into Tactical-rpg you should know gameplay is what really matters. This genre is very niche, devs need to keep costs down in order to get a return.

Godmars2903515d ago

I agree, but its not really their fault. The thing people keep forgetting is that JRPGs in the PS1/PS2 eras were cheap to make. Now that Sony's moved onto HD, its become expensive in time, money and resources. Things small dev houses never had much of, so its taking them a while to get up to speed while they wait for someone - Square - to set the standard bar so they can reach some acceptable level.

And yes, I let MS out of my statement because while they are looking at JRPGs, they're not looking for quality. That's why games that aren't SO4 or ToV, that Zoids SRPG or WWII zombie/warewolf title, look like utter sh*t.

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