Assassin's Creed II - First high-quality screenshots

Italian site MondoXbox published 14 Assassin's Creed II screenshots, some already seen in the GI scans and some new, but all in better quality than the previous scans.


UPDATE: the screens have been pulled from the site by Ubisoft request. You can still find them mirrored in the alternative sources below.

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Lucreto3489d ago

It sure took a graphical leap.

PatDH3489d ago

Pun intended or not? :)

JeffGUNZ3489d ago

I am finding myself to be more and more excited about this game. I hope it avoids the repetitiveness of the last one.

locos853489d ago

I hope we will be able to have change of clothes. It looks too obvious when you walk around the assassin's clothes..... that you are an assassin, even though it looks badazz

AssassinHD3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

That is just silly. Everyone knows that putting your hands together and tilting your head down is the perfect camouflage. It beats the heck out of Superman's glasses.

On topic: I am glad to see he made up that day he missed in Assassin school when they were teaching swimming skills.

Edit: To the person who disagreed: Seriously you should try it. I get into military installations all the time with the patented monk praying camo trick.

Lucreto3489d ago

@1.1 no pun intended but I can see why you would think that.

@1.3 I thought I read somewhere he is a master of disguise. He be able to change his clothes and blend in to a party, assassinate the target and make a quick escape.

LastDance3489d ago

I hope we get a better Protagonist this time. Desmond is the biggest girl ive ever seen. Seriously that guy whines like he is at the doctors with his mum. He's not even a well rounded or interesting character. He is just a wuss.

Alas, I was hoping he would die.. or atleast make out with that actor chick.

Toenado3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

about time he can swim. In the first one I wondered why one of the worlds most highly trained assassins was unable to even doggy paddle.

He doesnt have all the weappons until later in the game, and equipment weight hasnt prevented other games from allowing the character to swim. Also the weight of his equipment doesnt prevent him from scaling buildings, and rooftop jumping like an acrobat.

AssassinHD3489d ago

I always just attributed it to his heavy boots, the metal in his gloves, his longsword, his shortsword, and the plethora of throwing daggers he carries around. Honestly he should not be able to swim.

AssassinHD3489d ago

You make a very reasonable argument. You are right he should also not be able to perform all of those acrobatic feats with that heavy gear on. I guess he really did just miss a day in Assassin school when they were teaching swimming.

Raul_73489d ago

I still loved it, and i am more excited for this one as well.

Alvadr3489d ago

Hes got a flying maching :)

WhittO3489d ago

i cant even see the images ! lol, they wont load :(

but looking at the thumbnails looks great !! the first one was great looking aswell, just hope they improve stuff like AI, as you play through what the crowd say begins to drill into your head as they only have an option of like 3 sayings haha.

DaTruth3488d ago

I just realized the entire first game was played in the day! That's really crappy; He does a whole bunch of assassinations in one day!

They need a whole new engine.

shadow27973488d ago

If you're having trouble viewing the images, turn off the translator. It isn't needed.

There are some impressive images in there, but there are a few "meh" ones as well. I can't wait to see it in motion.

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thereapersson3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Uncharted 2 might have some close competition in the graphics department.


OK, if you're going to disagree, please explain yourself in a mature fashion...

koehler833489d ago

In a mature fashion:

These screenshots are tiny and can't be used to judge the graphical quality of the game running real-time in 720p on a moderate to large screen.

Uncharted has given us many full res shots as well as in-game footage. Uncharted 2 is clearly running at a much higher poly count and the textures are superb.

Assassin's Creed II will likely look awesome, but comparison to U2 is unwarranted until they have the balls to release some 720p footage. (preferably for all platforms)

thereapersson3489d ago

Well thanks for the post, at least. It's more than most people can manage to do.

Bubbles for ya

DelbertGrady3489d ago

I'll keep it simple. You don't compare multiplat games to PS3 exclusives on N4G, no matter how good they might look.

PotNoodle3489d ago


It looks great, but i don't think Uncharted 2 has much to worry about.

(PS: No i wasn't one of the people who hit that disagree button ;))

PatDH3489d ago

I prefer koehler83s reply over yours.

Go moan somewhere else. "Boohoo N4G has more Sony fans boo hoo i'll post this on as many N4G articles as I can be bothered to."

Sure, it may have more Sony fans.. but it's not like there's no websites that lean to the Microsoft/360 way of things either.

Just get over it.

Anyway.. got the first game. Enjoyed it even though it was repetitive but it sounds like AC2 won't have that problem.. I hope :)

Pennywise3489d ago

Soda instead of being the negative person you always are, why dont you stop and think to yourself WHY there is more Sony fans than 360 fans.

Perjoss3489d ago

WARNING: just my opinion...

I really liked the effect used in uncharted to make nathan's clothes look like he just came out of water, was very nice. apart from that, graphically I thought the game looked good, but not amazing.

ultimolu3489d ago

Oh dear, someone get that Soda a tissue.

Why dis3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I find it funny that you even say Uncharted is the milestone that needs beating when uncharted isn't the graphical milestone unless you are talking about whats on PS3 alone which is still stretching it with even the multi platform games.

Pennywise3489d ago

Why Dis, while we dont expect more than mindless drivel coming from your mouth... even you have to be laughing about how uninformed and WRONG your comment is.

butbutbuttehcell3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Which gave this kaohler bell a keyboard then?

"These screenshots are tiny and can't be used to judge the graphical quality of the game running real-time in 720p on a moderate to large screen."

Right so here you're saying these screenshots are too small to be able to judge.

Uncharted has given us many full res shots as well as in-game footage. Uncharted 2 is clearly running at a much higher poly count and the textures are superb.

And now you're saying that Uncharted 2 is clearly running at a much higher poly count. Correct me if I'm wrong but you just said you couldn't judge Assassins how can you tell? The Uncharted 2
textures are superb, that much is true, and the graphics do look amazing don't get me wrong, but don't say stupid things like 'you can't compare the two' because of the screenshot quality of the non ps3-exclusive then say 'the ps3-exclusive is clearly much better looking'

Game looks sweet tho, hopefully there's a lot more variety cos if there is this game will be incredible.

Arnon3489d ago

You mean on this site? Well, that's because this site is mainly consisted of international countries.

In the world? I don't think there is, considering the sales numbers.

On topic:

I believe Assassin's Creed II will look better than Uncharted 2. Everything that I've seen in my Game Informer proves that to me. And I own both the Uncharted 2 and AC 2 GI's.

The level of detail in AC 2 when they're comparing in-game screenshots to real-life photos blew my mind. In fact, the first screenshot looked nicer than the photo.

IcarusOne3489d ago

Uncharted 2 is certainly shaping up to look beautiful. But my problem with the first was with how it played. It was fun but not stellar. Conversely, while a lot of Assassins Creed was repetitive, the core gameplay of free-running and the fighting engine were so tight, so expansive and rewarding that I practically forgave all other failings. Kind of the opposite of my reaction to Uncharted, which was so loose and twitchy and clunky that I almost lost interest in finishing it entirely.

Ironic that the PS3 cult, who seemed to pioneer the phrase "There's more than just graphics!" are now obsessed with how pretty their games are starting to look.

I'm much more excited about AC2.

JBaby3433489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I disagree with you and would actually completely switch what you said. I thought Uncharted played very well and the controls were very good. The first Assassin's Creed however gave me problems at times like trying to switch weapons during combat where I would have to press the button for another weapon multiple times to switch and then would usually take a hit because of that and then I would frequently get tied up with on-screen characters when I did not want to. I'm hoping this one plays a little better and of course is not as repetitive.

I also find it ironic that 360 fans have moved from talking about graphics to now talking about gameplay and frequently try to bring down the gameplay of PS3 exclusives with Uncharted and KZ2 as frequent targets.

I'm more excited for UC2 but AC2 is looking good.

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Toenado3489d ago

What else did people have to wear in Italy at the time?

PatDH3489d ago

I'm guessing Levis jeans and turtle-neck sweaters. I kid :D

DelbertGrady3489d ago

Not the place for jokes I see...