Gobliiins 4 Released Today

The fourth game in the Gobliiins series is released today.

The story carries on from the previous game, whereby players take control of three Goblins, Choup, Perlius and Stucco, and come up with creative ways to use their different abilities to solve puzzles.

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Leord3431d ago

They do actually seem to carry over the heritage of the previous three games. Looks amazing.

Maticus3431d ago

It certainly has come on in leaps and bounds since the first game.

Leord3431d ago

There is always a risk when going 3D. Seems to be ok :)

Cogo3431d ago

The step between 2D and 3D kills many a game's souls. This one SEEMS all right.

Maticus3431d ago

Perfect for the kids I suppose, hardly edge of your seat action though :)

Malfurion3431d ago

Oh cool, I do like this little series.

user94220773431d ago

The reviews seem pretty good, so no doubt the game will be awesome!

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