Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Will Have Dynamic Difficulty

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles will feature a dynamic difficulty system that will alter the game's difficulty according to how you play the game making it easier, or harder. If you're good at head shots, it'll make them a bit harder to pull off and so on. Of course, if you suck, it'll slacken it up for you.

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mpmaley3454d ago

Good to hear...but I would prefer the preset: easy, normal, hard, holy****ing god this is hard modes.

I plan to get Umbrella Chronicles soon for cheap and will get this eventually too...I hate that I love this franchise so much @[email protected]

Maxned3453d ago

This sounds... interesting. It will be cool to see how hard this game gets.

bigjclassic3453d ago

this is good news as I find that this generations games are too easy and dumbed down for casuals on all consoles.

Rorkimaru3453d ago

The game scales it's difficulty meaning playing it will always feel the same. In Devil May Cry 3 the reason I loved the game was because it was so unforgiving that I had to get split second timing down. Now when I play it I do half jumps, quick dodges and feel truly pro at the game.

If the difficulty scales you will never feel yourself improve. It will always feel the same. This is a very "casual" move which is good for weaker gamers that just want to get through the game but if you want to develop skills and overcome challenges then it's very bad.

You cant accomplish something if the challenge takes pity on you as you try. Marathons don't get shorter if you get tired, mountains don't get less steep if your legs start to cramp, weights don't get lighter and so on. Why should games get easier? The game won't have a difficulty curve, It's going to be a straight line.

This is bad news for people looking forward to the game and an ominous sign for gaming in general

ChickeyCantor3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

" If the difficulty scales you will never feel yourself improve"

Actually if the game keeps up with how many ace shots you made, wouldn't that mean the difficulty goes up?

It works both ways, its not something terrible.