Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Hands On: Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood

Rock, Paper, Shotgun writes: "This week I had a chance to play through the first few levels of an unfinished build of Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood. My impressions of the forthcoming cowboy gunslinger meander hazily in the sunset below. (Cut to: distant jangle of campfire guitar on the prairie…)

The modern FPS seems determined to make sure that we are not alone. In Call Of Juarez we get to play through the shooty exploits of two Confederate brothers, Thomas and Ray McCall, the stepfather and step-uncle of the original game's Billy Candle. These chaps aren't exactly Gordon and Alyx when it comes to charms, but nor are they Clint Eastwood loners: they need each other to overcome obstacles, pulling each other up onto ledges, or entering a dual gun-fighter mode where they both hit a slow-mo six-shooter sequence to kill off a swarm of enemies in a single blaze of gunfire. This is, like Gears of War, or Army of Two, a buddy game, with you having a choice between buddies as you play. And yet for some reason not a co-op game: odd."

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